Prerequisites before Appearing for Campus Placement Interviews

4 years ago

What exactly should I do to stand-out among the crowd???

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This is the most common question that occurs in the minds of almost all students before appearing for any campus placement interviews. In this era of cut-throat competition, everyone wants to be DIFFERENT & UNIQUE so that companies hire them.

But there is none who can guide them on the basic requirements that they must have before even thinking to attempt any interview or job application. They should be guided on how to:

  • Approach Interviews
  • Prepare a Fantastic CV thatillustrates all your accomplishments & make it Presentable
  • Handle Phone Interviews
  • Ace General HR & Technical Interviews
  • Excel in One-on-One & Group Interviews with outstanding Body Language, Eye Contact, Confidence etc.

And ultimately help you in getting placed comfortably into your Dream Organizations.

Some of the essential components a student must have before applying or appearing for campus placements interviews are:

  • Good Impressive CV/ Resume: It is not only your attire that can attract the recruiter, your CV is like a profile pic of you which is the most important aspect at the screening stage. Unimpressive CVs are rejected mercilessly first glance that too within 30 seconds. As per many HR Surveys 80% of the CV’s received are rejected within 2 minutes.
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  • Communication/ Interpersonal Skill: The first thing any recruiter wants is that their potential employee must have good and effective interpersonal skills; so that in future they can influence others effectively. Having command over English Language is always an added advantage.
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  • Proper Attire:  The clothes that a person wear during an interview speaks a lot about the Personality and Attitude which is very important from the interviewee perspective.A student should choose right comfortable clothes which are neat, comfortable and has develops into a feel-good element during the interview.

Thus, don’t give a chance to them to send you out without any further discussion& you need to ensure that your CV is among the 20% and not the rejected 80%.So, make your CV Professional, Crispy, Effective and Well-Articulated with your thoughts, ideas and accomplishments.

  • Ability to Learn New Things & have Energy / Enthusiasm: in the modern world of changing technologies; companies would love to have people join them who are willing to learn new things, get inspired with surroundings, have the Energy / Enthusiasm and Drive to take-up challenging assignments. This needs to get reflected in your discussions during interview processes.
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Thus, these are some of the traits and things that are required before attending an interview, but these are not the only requirements. Different jobs require different skills and traits but we should be flexible and mould ourselves to meet the company requirements. One should be well aware of his Strengths and Weaknesses before interviews. Need to organize all your thoughts clearly before appearing & work on converting weakness into strengths in a smart way with the help of mentors.

Seema Jain

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