Interview Talk with Tarot Card Reader Kriti Chauhan

1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how a paper card can predict your future or tell you ways to get rid of your problems? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Among all the available options for knowing the future, tarot card reading is also one option.

But do you know what is Tarot card reading?

It is a technique in which Tarot card readers use the cards to glean insight into a person’s life, which is a type of cartomancy (fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards.).

Clients who are curious about their future or how to handle a certain scenario ask questions to the practitioners. To interpret things, the tarot card reader then deals with a hand of cards.

Tarot card readers help people connect with their inner selves and to make the right decisions. In Tarot Cards, there are two types of readings: open readings and question readings. Wider aspects of life are addressed in open reading. While Question reading is completely focused, guides you to take the decisions.

Today on our Talk @jugaadinnews entrepreneurial forum, we have Tarot card reader Kriti Chauhan, to whom we asked some questions regarding her interesting Tarot Card Reading Journey.

Now, let us introduce one of the top Tarot Card Readers, Kriti Chauhan who is a counselor and professional life coach also. She is from Mumbai and has 4 years of experience working as a professional Tarot Card reader.

Let’s know how she turned into an Experienced Tarot Card Reader.

1.  How did you get that you can be a Tarot card Reader?

Kriti Chauhan – In Today’s world, each and everyone is dealing with some sort of problem, it can be related to health, finance, work, or relationships. To tackle these everyday problems, people practice meditation, dream interpretation, astrology services and other methods to connect with the inner guide or the higher self. But, sometimes people don’t understand what they are dealing with and what they can do to overcome the problem. Here comes the role of a mentor, counsellor, and professional life coach, who understands the problem and as per their psychic abilities, guides in the right direction. 

In 2018, I became aware of my intuitional strengths. I sensed that the universe and the angels were trying to interact with me through different signs, and along with them something inside of me, urged me to help others. Since then, through my psychic abilities and strong intuitional power, helping others has been my only priority. It is my life goal to help others

2.  What is unique about your Tarot card Reading?

Kriti Chauhan – I don’t interact with people professionally, I take their problems personally. I understand the problem and try to get fit into others’ shoes for the best possible solution. For me, it is very necessary that people should get solutions to their problems in my session.

During my Tarot Card Reading sessions, I often tell that “Nothing is permanent, not even your problems”. So, don’t end up overthinking and taking on a lot of tension, try to distract your mind by working out, listening to inspiring music, or meeting up with friends. Train your thoughts to take control of situations rather than allowing them to control you.

3.  How many years of experience do you hold?

Kriti Chauhan – I have been reading tarot cards for 13 years, but I started doing it professionally 4 years ago. I am a life coach also.

In 2018, I became aware of my intuitional strengths and felt that the universe was sending me indications to pursue a career as a tarot card reader. After going through the most difficult time of my life in 2017, I sensed that the universe and the angels were trying to interact with me through signs, and something inside of me urged me to help others.

4.  What risks and sacrifices do a Tarot Card Reading demand?

Kriti Chauhan – I don’t think my work carries any risks. However, there are sacrifices. I put my personal life on hold, to deal with my customers. When any of my clients need me, I put my personal life aside and help them.

5.  How do you define success?

Kriti Chauhan – Success varies from business to business. And success in my type of field lies in when my clients are happy, have a smile on their faces, move forward in their life overcome failure and suggest my name to others.

7.  What is your aim/mission?

Kriti Chauhan – As a professional reader, my ambition is to be a sought-after, trustworthy, and recognized Tarot card Reader. Helping the needy, encouraging people, and assisting them in overcoming challenges are all parts of my goal.

8.  What is your favourite aspect of being a Tarot card Reader?

Kriti Chauhan – Being an entrepreneur is not easy; it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The only way to achieve success as an entrepreneur is to be passionate about what you do rather than being emotional. And my favourite part is when others look up to me and feel inspired by my story.

9.  If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

Kriti Chauhan – Have faith. The most unbelievable things require a lot of time to build. Every entrepreneur needs to have patience. You could also have a lot of disappointments, but don’t give up. Be a strong person and fight through your troubles. Distract your thoughts by exercising, listening to cheerful music, or meeting up with friends. Train your mind to take control of situations rather than letting them control you.

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