“Grow step by step and you will reach your goals with perfection and quality” believes Director Sumit Saniwal

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Sumit Saniwal proved that he is one of the most promising music video directors in Haryanvi, Punjabi and Bollywood after releasing many successful music videos. In an exclusive interview talk@Jugaadinnews, the young music director Sumit Saniwal opened up about his song, videos and his journey in the music industry so far.

So some excerpts of Talk with Director Sumit Saniwal are:

1.What made you pursue music video direction? or What was your drive behind direction?

Sumit Saniwal: Lights, Cameras, and the sound of Action always fascinated me. I was passionate for cinema since my childhood and always thought of doing something out of the box led me to pursue music video direction as a career. Film watching was my hobby that pushed me at each phase of my directorial career. Being an independent director,  I started producing quality content at the beginning of my career. My debut project was Filter Shot by Gulzar Chhaniwala and from there, my journey kicked off. The success of Filter Shot motivates me to do better day by day and generates an urge to work hard to provide quality content to the audience

Director Sumit Saniwal
Director Sumit Saniwal with Gulzar Channiwala

I believe in a simple quote “Grow step by step and you will reach your goals with perfection and quality”

2. What roadblocks did you faced when you were starting out?

Sumit Saniwal: At the early stages of my career, sometimes, I was ditched by those artists for whom I worked as a director on set. They challenged me being the producer, and never gave me credits for my work because of which my career slowed down. But I never let myself down and always moved ahead dealing with the exploitations of the industry.

3. What, in your opinion, are the most important qualities, a music video director should have?

Sumit Saniwal: The most important quality a music director should have is, visualising a story out of the box because the music video direction is not a cakewalk,  you have to direct the complete storyline in just 2-4 minutes time frame.

A music video director should have the ability to create unique and lavish content with limited space and budget, however, the output must be loved by the Audience. He/she should have good visualising and decision making skills so as to work on any space provided.

Director Sumit Saniwal
Director Sumit Saniwal on a music video shot

Being a storyteller, a music video director should keep in mind the message his/her story is conveying to the audience, as it is a social responsibility of a filmmaker to lead the audience in the right direction.

4. If an actor is being unprofessional at the shoot, how do you manage the situation?

Sumit Saniwal: Managing artists is a difficult task, dealing with their problems and ego clashes on the set is itself a great deal. But I and my team plays a great role in this, we keep our artist happy and communicate or behave with them in their way so that there must be no chaos on the set and the set runs on time without delays.

We listen to them at each part and clarify their doubts so that there are no confusion or clashes on set and artists can give their best to the music video.

5. What is the greatest achievement of director Sumit Saniwal, till date?

Sumit Saniwal: According to me, my greatest achievement is my work. I feel the pleasure that I have worked with a lot of famous Haryanvi artists namely Pranjal Dhaiya, Sapna Chaudhary, Anjali Arora, Renuka Panwar, Masoom Sharma, Manisha Sharma, Gulzaar Channiwala, Raj Mawar, Shweta Chauhan, Aman Raj and to name a few. Recently released Balam Kalo on Tarz Haryanvi is also directed by me.

I have given a kick start to a lot of young aspiring artists who are doing good in the industry nowadays. I feel proud watching them growing and I cherish the moments working with them, at the time when they entered into the industry.

I have worked with various labels and had good projects and interpersonal relations with them.  T-Series Haryanvi, Nav Haryanvi, Zee Music Haryanvi, Sonotek, Nupur Audio, Red Hill Music, Kala Niketan and Tarz Haryanvi are some of the labels with which I have worked.

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6.What is the toughest thing about getting a project done?

Sumit Saniwal: The Toughest thing about getting a project done is convincing the producers with the vision you have for the story and then pitching to the artist explaining the in-depths of the storyline. At last, bringing your vision on the screen to satisfy the producers is the main difficulty, because you have to convince them to your project. Being a music director is not a melodious song to sing.

7. Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)?

Sumit Saniwal: My upcoming projects are something that will rock the market floor. The trendy music with the desi touch of Haryanvi lyrics, these songs are definitely going to vibe to your moods.

My upcoming projects are Kaali Car, Bellbottom, Kaali Range, Chand Taare and to name a few these songs are going to rock your day. Hope you like them and share more and more.

8. Can you tell us about the greatest moment in your direction career?

Sumit Saniwal:  Still struggling day by day to being better than my previous self.  My projects do not satisfy my creative mindset, but yes I feel proud in directing the first-ever top trending Haryanvi song on YouTube that was “ Kasoote”, with Gulzaar chhaniwala.

9. Do you have any advice for young music video directors like you?

Sumit Saniwal: One piece of advice that I would like to give to young aspiring directors is to keep paperwork strong while signing bonds with the labels and copyrights of your creations so that there will be no chaos later.

Be ahead of what everyone is doing. Bring in something creative that is different from the market. Be a risk-taker, everyone around you will pull you down, but never stop jumping ahead.

Director Sumit Saniwal
Director Sumit Saniwal

10. Do you think it is essential to take a professional training from an institute in order to become a successful music video director?

Sumit Saniwal: Yes, but only from an institute that provides you with industry-standard equipment and the wholesome knowledge on the theoretical and practical part with industry experience.

Either a film aspirant can take up a course of filmmaking and side by side start assisting a director he/she admires. This experience on set will help him being a professional and learn how the set runs which is very difficult to understand within the boundaries of an institution.

So a person who is through with the theoretical and practical knowledge can get the best output on the product.

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