Indian social Worker Dr. Vinit Gupta

“If you’re able to buy the things that you like, you are successful,” says Indian Social Worker Dr. Vinit Gupta

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Dr. Vinit Gupta is an Indian social worker and politician, hailing from Delhi. He is a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, Director at Vika Education Pvt Ltd, Partner at Varenyam Vidyapeeth,  Chairman of Ishwar Foundation Charitable Trust, Member of ISKCON Temple Construction Committee Rohini, and a  Life Member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

He founded Ishwar Foundation Charitable Trust with the motive to help widows, orphanages, and elder people who are homeless. The organization undertakes numerous activities and events and is widely credited for pioneering contributions to empowering society. The organization is also spearheading to end violence against women in India.

At Jugaadin Talk corner, we asked Dr. Vinit Gupta a few questions related to his life journey and how he become a social worker.

Here are glimpses of an interview with Dr. Vinit Gupta

Ques 1 What brought you to the field of social work?

Dr Vinit Gupta:  Being a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, when I roamed for party rallies in different areas and states, I saw people in trouble and grief. No doubt there are organizations that are working for them but the number of organizations is less in comparison to the people affected. This made me realize the need for social work and I come up with the idea of helping people in my own capacity. This, later on, turned out to become an NGO “Ishwar Foundation Charitable Trust.”  This is an organization for the people, by the people, and serving the people. I always strive to help in every manner to needy ones and want no one in this society should be deprived of basic needs.

Ques 2  What sacrifices do you have to do to achieve this ambition of yours and further the cause you are working for?

Dr. Vinit Gupta:- Being a social worker, when you sacrifice your family life, only then you will be able to help others in getting their family. When you bring a smile to someone’s face, that gives ultimate satisfaction to you, and the time that you have devoted becomes worthy.  See, when you’re working and you get respect makes you forget all the sacrifices. I didn’t start doing this work to get awards but to help underprivileged people. The thought “I am doing something impactful and meaningful that gives me mental satisfaction”; inspires me to work even more.

Ques 3 How do you determine or evaluate success?

Dr. Vinit Gupta:– For me, success is defined by the following parameters.

1. If your parents are proud of what you’re doing defines your success. There should not be any tears in their eyes because of you. If come, then the reason should only be your success and good deeds.

 2. If you’re able to buy the things that you like, I think you are successful.

3. Third and the most important point that defines your success is when any needy or underprivileged person comes to you for help, you unconditionally help them.  No one should go empty hands from your door.

Ques 4 What has been your proudest moment as a social worker?

Dr. Vinit Gupta:- There are numerous moments when I feel proud being a social worker but the proudest moment I count was during the pandemic. When people were suffering from a shortage of oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, and daily needs items, I helped them with my best services. Providing beds and medicines to those who were in need gave me ultimate satisfaction and at that time I feel the true meaning of being a social worker. By helping people in difficult times, I gain quality of life.

Ques 5 What advice would you give to new social workers entering the field today?

Dr. Vinit Gupta:- Social work is about using your senses, intellect, and emotional intelligence to understand people.  Helping people in situations they are in so that they can move forward. You need to commit to developing yourself in all these aspects and to sustaining yourself through seeking excellent support and guidance.

Be simple and specific about concerns. You are privileged by working to improve the lives and social circumstances of the disempowered, and the disadvantaged. Don’t even abuse that trust. Be real, be yourself, and let your personality and attributes shine through.

I am proud to be a social worker as not only social work has given me the chance to work abroad, but it has also given me the power to bring about significant change in other people’s lives and advance social work values and principles in other practice areas. I adore my job as a social worker!

Dr Vinit Gupta Indian Social Worker

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