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Holi 2021: How to celebrate Holi at home with loved ones during COVID 19

1 year ago

 Holi is a festival of colors and people like to color each other in Holi.  But the Holi 2021 will be slightly different due to COVID 19.  There will be colors – but people will be less to play as social distancing will also have to be taken care of. So this year apart from celebrating holi with the crowd, celebrate the Holi festival with the family.  In such a situation, when you have to celebrate a festival of color at home, make some fun preparations early in the morning.  Hold the party at home and do something fresh and different with the colors. Get in touch with people who are far away.

Play Holi with your loved ones

We won’t have any visitors this Holi, and we won’t be going to anyone’s place, so throwing a Holi party at home is a perfect idea. This is a family gathering, not a group for strangers. Decorate the table with different plates of colors, make the courtyard or terrace colorful by decorating it with colorful clothes and flowers.  Your friends, distant or close relatives, who cannot come home, you can definitely join them in the party through video call. Made it compulsory for everyone to wear a bright color with white, only then the colors will be added to the festival.  This dress’s code has to be adopted by you as well as the family and friends associated with the video call.

Make holi party musical

Holi is incomplete without music. Prepare the list of Hindi songs of Holi, including all kinds of songs, old and new.  Everyone, from the youngest to the elders, has to dance to music.  At the same time, relatives or friends, that joins you on the video call, play Antakshari with them and sing songs loudly.  Make sure that the video call is full of fun and no one feels bored.

Capture Memories

Capturing memories in the camera is a must in the Holi party. To make this festival of Holi memorable, capture creative and colorful photos in the camera.  Apart from photos, videos can also be made in slow or fast motion, boomerang videos, etc. You can also take candid pictures or videos and show them later, for nonstop fun.  In the true sense, this is called memories. Take care of angles and colors while taking pictures from phones.

Games Makes Holi party fun

To add more excitement to the Holi party celebration, keep some games for sheer entertainment and amusement. Tambola, balloon filling & stomping, dumb charades, cards, etc. are some options you can consider as these are the options that you can play with the friends and family members that are on the video call.  

So these were some of the ideas that you can think of for celebrating home holi party during the time of coronavirus.

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