HiDM Marked Successful Convocation Ceremony

HiDM Marked Successful Convocation Ceremony; students awarded with course completion certificates

1 month ago

Hisar, March 17, 2024: Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing (HiDM) celebrated its 5th Annual Celebration with great zeal at the Mitaksh Food Court, Hisar. The event, held on Sunday, March 17, 2024, witnessed a culmination of Course completion achievements, fun-filled activities, and inspiring moments completing another year of Digital Journey.

The highlight of the event was the convocation ceremony held for the graduates who had successfully completed their journey of digital Marketing Course at HiDM. Prior to the Convocation ceremony,  Er. Manmohan Singla, known as the Digital Guru, took the center stage to address the Digital marketing Graduates. He not only motivated the students but also provided them with constructive remarks, guiding them towards a path of success in the dynamic field of digital marketing.  

As the certificates were handed out, the atmosphere brimmed with gratitude and nostalgia as students shared heartfelt experiences from their educational journey at HiDM. The Students’ stories were full of passion, determination, and the transformative power of education. Accomplishing the title of Digital Marketing Professional, each of the graduate’s experiences was an example of their dedication and passion.

One of the students, Lashika, expressed her gratitude, saying, “My journey with HiDM has been a transformative experience. I came here with a dream of learning Digital Marketing, and today holding this certificate, I feel one step closer to achieving it.”

Another student, Deepika added, “Er. Manmohan Singla Sir’s guidance has not only helped me gain skills but also ignited a passion within me to excel in the field of digital marketing.”

The HiDM’s convocation ceremony was full of inspiration and fun as it was a celebration of achievements and memories. Laughter filled the air as students shared their adventurous stories of HiDM days.

The event came to an end with an energetic group dance, symbolizing unity among the HiDM community. The 5th Annual Celebration at HiDM was a journey to the institute’s commitment to excellence in digital marketing education, nurturing future leaders in the industry. As the graduates embark on their professional journeys, they carry with them not just certificates but a legacy of knowledge, inspiration, and satisfaction of promises kept at HIDM.

Pooja Bhattoo

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