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HiDM holds a seminar on Stress and its Management; Dr Archana Sharma gave useful tips on stress management

3 weeks ago

In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding mental health, a seminar on “Stress and its Management” was conducted by the Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing. The seminar’s keynote speaker was Dr. Archana Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Director of MindQuest. The insightful seminar aimed to equip students with strategies to effectively manage stress in their daily lives.

Er Manmohan Singla, Director HiDM extended a warm welcome to all participants and introduced the esteemed keynote speaker.

During her address, Ms Archana Sharma explained the various kinds of stress that teenagers face. The importance of stress management strategies and the capacity to view stress as either positive or negative explained by the speaker. To properly handle stress, she emphasized the significance of externalising emotions and seeking help. In an interactive session, participants asked questions, got helpful insights into coping strategies, and sought answers.

Seminar on Stress and its management held at HiDM

This engaging seminar provided students with a comprehensive understanding of stress and how to manage it effectively. By learning from the expert insights shared by Ms Archana Sharma, attendees gained valuable knowledge about effective stress management techniques, said Er Manmohan Singla.

HiDM is a premier institute that trains students in Digital marketing and prioritises the mental health of its students.

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