Happy Fathers Day


1 year ago

Father is the person who always stands for his family, a person who gives strength, encouragement, and support, and loves and cares for each and every member of the family. He is the one who protects children from every problem.  Every father is a role model and hero to their family.

Father is a role model for children because of his dedication, love, and care. He made endless efforts to provide every luxury to the family. A father always inspires his child to do things that he might be afraid of in his childhood.

A Father role’s is to teach life lessons to the children. He teaches business ethics and moral values that will help every child in the future.

Fathers are role models as children behave as per their father’s attitude. If a father is well-behaved and has etiquette, only then he can instruct their child to become a good person, help poor people, don’t abuse others or say anything negative to others.

Father always loves his child and family like a farmer love and cares for his crops. The father makes endless sacrifices to meet the demands of his child and his family.

A father’s relationship with his daughter is very special. The father is a hero, a best friend, and a  teacher to his daughter. Every girl wants to have her groom be like her father.

When a child makes a mistake, his Father makes sure that the child should learn from that mistake and doesn’t repeat it again. Father always looks at life with a positive attitude.

Fathers always get the tag of being a strict parent but they are the most loving and caring, they just don’t show it. Father figures help in shaping a child’s identity and values. Through their words and actions, they instill important life lessons such as honesty, responsibility, and perseverance. By modeling these values, fathers set the foundation for their children’s moral compass and guide them toward making ethical decisions. In addition, the presence of a father figure has been linked to reduced rates of risky behaviors, such as substance abuse and delinquency. Fathers provide a sense of security and stability, reducing the likelihood of children engaging in harmful activities.

In the above picture, we see that the child is sitting on his father’s shoulder. It means that the father wants his child to see things that his father won’t be able to see. Father always wants to see him succeed.

Father’s Day is a special occasion that allows us to acknowledge and celebrate the significant role fathers play as role models. It is a time to express gratitude for their guidance, love, and support. Always express gratitude to your role model; he is none other than your dad. Whatever you are today, is just because of him. Everyone’s father is a source of inspiration and motivation for personal growth and success.


Vishakha Agarwal

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