Food of West Bengal: 15 Famous Food and sweets of West Bengal

2 years ago

In past, West Bengal was ruled by Nawabs. The influence of Nawabs can be seen in West Bengal culture, tradition and food. Bengali cuisines are known for diversity of flavours.

West Bengal food is not only limited to maach (fish) and bhaat, but it is a land of offering various sweets and beverages that are world famous.

Here are the famous foods of West Bengal that you’ll love –

  • Aloo Potol Posto – Aloo Potol Posto is the classic Bengali delicacy prepared with potatoes and pointed gourd, in addition to red and green chillies, and coconut puree. It is the most famous food in West Bengal. 
West Bengal dishes
Aloo Potol Posto | Food of West Bengal
  • IlishMacherJhol – IlishMacherJhol is a fish curry prepared with Nigella seeds and chilli to make it a perfect dish. It is the most flavoured fish of the West Bengal. 
West Bengal Cuisine
Ilish Macher Jhol | Food of West Bengal
  • Shukto – Shukto is a combination of different vegetables like Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, Crunchy Drumsticks, and Borimixed with aromatic spices and flavoured milk to make a thick curry. It is served as the first dish of the meal. 
Food of West Bengal
Shukto | Food of West Bengal
  • Sandesh – Sandesh is a traditional Indian sweet dish originated from West Bengal. It consists of paneer, sugar, cardamom powder, and saffron. It can be in any shape like round, elephants, or fish. When garnished with almonds, pistachios, or crushed pineapple gives a delectable taste to your lip buds. Sandesh is always served chilled. 
West Bengal Dishes
Sandesh | Food of West Bengal
  • Mutton Biryani – Mutton Biryani is filled with rich aroma of spices and ghee. West Bengal has unique flavour in mutton biryani as the mutton is fried on a Tava.
Food of West Bengal
Mutton Biryani | Food of West Bengal
  • AamPoraShorbot – AamPoraShorbot is a drink made of chilled water, burnt raw mangoes, and sugar to get a relief on a summer afternoon. When serve chilled gives more relaxation and refreshment than the colas. 
Food of West Bengal
Aam Pora Shorbot | Food of West Bengal
  • TangraMacherJhol – Bengalis people love to eat maachi i.e. fish and Bengal is known as land of maach. Tangra fish uses catfish and prepared with freshly ground spices in a thin curry form. It can be prepared in a lot of different varieties. This dish is also good for the stomach. 
West Bengal Cuisine
Tangra Macher Jhol | Food of West Bengal
  • Alur Dom – Alur Dom is the Bengali delicacy made of potatoes combined with different spices and herbs. It can be prepared in many different ways. It is served best with Luchi. 
West Bengal Dishes
Alur Dom | Food of West Bengal
  • Luchi – Luchi is a Bengali dish prepared from maida dough.Luchi is small in size, fluffy, deep-fried chapattis with a golden glow. Crispy Luchi is a mandatory dish for small celebrations. You can call it a small version of puri.
West Bengal Dishes
Luchi | Food of West Bengal
  • Chholar Dal – Chholar Dal is the favourite dal of Bengal made with chana dal as the main ingredient of the dish. It is slightly sweet and spicy intaste with the addition of aromatic spices like bay leaves, coconut bits, and cinnamon. Chholar Dal is served with rice or Luchis. 
Food of West Bengal
Chholar Dal | Food of West Bengal
  • Lau Ghonto – Lau Ghonto is the Bengali dish that is good for the stomach. Lau is basically the bottle gourd, cooked with Udad Dal and light spices. It is not so spicy and usually served with rice. 
Food of West Bengal
Lau Ghonto | Food of West Bengal
  • Mochar Ghonto – Mochar Ghonto is an authentic vegetarian Bengali dish made from banana flower, crushed coconut and potato, cooked with cumin and bay leaves. This is an elegant dish from West Bengal having sweet and spicy flavour.
West Bengal dishes
Mochar Ghonto | Food of West Bengal

  • Kosha Mangsho – Kosha Mangsho is made with mutton dipped in a thick curry. Its curry is made with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, onion, and garlic.
West Bengal cuisine
Kosha Mangsho | Food of West Bengal

  • Mishti Doi – Mishti Doi is a traditional popular Bengali dessert made from fermented curd usually made from milk of cow, buffalo, or goat. The fermented curd is combined with melted sugar and left to set. Mishti Doi is made in traditional earthenware jars, and always served chilled. Mishti Doi is not only famous in West Bengal, but also found in Orissa, Bihar, and Bangladesh. 
Dishes of West Bengal
Mishti Doi | Food of West Bengal
  • Patishapta – Patishapta is one of the most amazing sweet Bengali dishes. It is a Bengali style pancake where the pancake is stuffed with Kheer or Khoya. It can be stuffed with grated coconut also.
Food of West Bengal
Patishapta | Food of West Bengal

All these are the most amazing and famous delicacies of West Bengal. Except for all these, Rosgullas, Chomchom, and Rasamalai are also a highly famous sweet dish of West Bengal. So, try these Bengali foods whenever you visit Bengal. 

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