Food of Nagaland – 11 Famous food of Nagaland

3 years ago

Nagaland is one of the major states in the North-Eastern part of India. The state is famous for its beautiful scenic beauty and lip-smacking food. The food of Nagaland is known for its unique variety and taste. 

Nagaland’s food is somewhat spicy because of the use most famous chilly raja mircha in their cuisines. The main ingredients of Naga food are Bamboo shoot, Axone, Anishi, and fermented dry fish. 

Here is the list of the famous food of Nagaland.

  • Samathu – Samathu is the dish famous in the Sema/Sumi district in Nagaland prepared by using smoked pork and thick curry. It is the signature dish of Nagaland loved by all the tribal people. 
Food of Nagaland
Samathu | Food of Nagaland
  • Aikibeye – Aikibeye is one of the flavorful and spicy non-vegetarian dishes of Nagaland. It has Mustard Leaf and Colocasia roots. This dish is a thick gravy with a pinch of salt added to it. 
Cuisine of Nagaland
Aikibeye | Food of Nagaland
  • Akini Chokibo – Akini Chokibo is a dish of roasted Perilla seeds, cooked with paddy field snails. In this dish, some fat of pork and axone is also added. 
Dishes of Nagaland
Akini Chokibo | Food of Nagaland
  • Boiled vegetables – Boiled Vegetables is the most famous dish of Nagaland. It is served with all the vegetables like spinach, beans, carrots, colocasia leaves, etc. Without this dish, a meal is incomplete in Nagaland. 
Food of Nagaland
Boiled Vegetables | Food of Nagaland
  • Fish cooked in Bamboo – Fish cooked in bamboo is the most delicious and unique dish of Nagaland. The dish is prepared by filling fishes inside the tube with some aromatic spices and allowed to be smoked over a fire. This dish has the taste of bamboo that gives it a unique flavor. 
Nagaland dishes
Fish cooked in Bamboo | Food of Nagaland
  • Bushmeat – Bushmeat is one of the favorite dishes of Nagaland, also known as dog meat. In Dimapur’s Wednesday Bazaar, dogs are sold for Rs.500 to Rs.600 so as to make this dish more delicious.  
Food of Nagaland
Bushmeat | Food of Nagaland
  • Zutho – Zutho is the beer that is not only famous in Nagaland but also in all over North East India. It is the most famous beverage in Nagaland. 
Cuisine of Nagaland
Zutho | Food of Nagaland
  • Galho – Galho is a soupy mixture of rice, vegetables, or meat similar to a North Indian Khichdi. This dish is mostly prepared with a variety of seasonal greens flavored with smoked pork. It is garnished with ginger and garlic. 
Dishes of Nagaland
Galho | Food of Nagaland
  • Hinkejvu – Hinkejvu is the simple dish prepared with colocasia, cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and french beans. All the ingredients are boiled in water with a pinch of salt in it. People of Nagaland eat the Hinkejvu on a daily basis.
Food of Nagaland
Hinkejvu | Food of Nagaland
  • Black Sticky Rice Pudding – Black sticky Rice pudding is the dessert of Nagaland.  Flavors of nuts, saffron, and pistachios give it a unique taste. This dish is not only good in taste but also good for health and can be consumed by diabetes patients also. 
Food of Nagaland
Black Sticky Rice Pudding | Food of Nagaland
  • Pork Curry – Pork Curry is cooked with a variety of fermented shoots of bamboo or soybean with cubed onions and green chili curry. It is served with steamed rice and fish paste. 
Cuisine of Nagaland
Pork Curry | Food of Nagaland

So, whenever you visit Nagaland, try all these amazing dishes of Nagaland. 

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