Food of Jharkhand – 13 famous food of Jharkhand

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Jharkhand cuisine consists of mouth-watering delicacies and it is mainly influenced by Bihar cuisine. Its different cooking style makes it unique and exquisite. Jharkhand people use mustard oil in cooking. 

The common food items of Jharkhand cuisine are roti, sabzi, and achar. Here’s the list of 13 famous food of Jharkhand – 

  • Litti Chokha – Litti Chokha is the traditional breakfast dish of Jharkhand prepared with the mixture of wheat flour, spices, herbs, and sattu stuffed in it. Litti is cooked and dunked in ghee, and Chokha is prepared with mashed potatoes, spices, and herbs. This dish is the most amazing and famous dish of Jharkhand. 
Food of Jharkhand
Litti Chokha | Food of Jharkhand
  • Pitha – Pitha is the famous dish of Jharkhand cuisine having origin from West Bengal. Pitha is stuffed by Aloo ka Chokha, different varieties of boiled dals, khoa, or thickened milk. It is a special dish mainly prepared during the festival Makar Sankranti. 
Cuisine of Jharkhand
Pitha | Food of Jharkhand
  • Handia – Handia is a festive drink of Jharkhand prepared from cooked rice soaked in water in an earthen pot. It is prepared using a Ranu tablet that is a combination of 20-25 herbs. Handia becomes strong if the mixture is kept for more days and it is served during local festivals and marriages. 
Jharkhand cuisine
Handia | Food of Jharkhand
  • Rugra – Rugra is a mushroom dish found only in the Chota Nagpur Plateau in Jharkhand. This dish is a special state cuisine due to its seasonal and peculiar growth. You will fall in love with this dish. 
Food of Jharkhand
Rugra | Food of Jharkhand
  • Chilka Roti – Chilka Roti is prepared by using rice flour, chana dal, and urad dal. This dish is served with Oal ki sabzi or mutton curry. Chilka roti is a famous dish for dinner in Jharkhand. 
Food of Jharkhand
Chilka Roti | Food of Jharkhand
  • Malpua – Malpua is a Ranchi’s special sweet dish prepared with a mixture of ripe bananas, condensed milk, and flour. The mixture is then deep-fried into medium-sized pancakes. Ranchi has different flavors of Malpua like Mango and Pineapple. To make it sweet, Malpua is dipped into the sugar syrup.
Cuisine of Jharkhand
Malpua | Food of Jharkhand
  • Bamboo Shoots – Bamboo shoots have a sweet and sourness in taste. This dish is prepared by using mustard seeds and garlic. It is a special dish in Jharkhand cuisine. 
Cuisine of Jharkhand
Bamboo Shoots | Food of Jharkhand
  • Thekua – Thekua is a sweet dish and served as Prasad during the ChhatPooja. Thekua is prepared with wheat flour, fennel seed, and sugar or jaggery syrup.
Food of Jharkhand
Thekua | Food of Jharkhand
  • Dhuska – Dhuska is a traditional dish of Jharkhand prepared with a mixture of rice and urad dal flour. It’s a lip-smacking dish when served with coriander chutney. 
Food of Jharkhand
Dhuska | Food of Jharkhand
  • Aloo Chokha – Aloo Chokha is a north Indian dish prepared with mashed potatoes, fried onion, and spices. It is served with roti or rice.
Jharkhand Cuisine
Aloo Chokha | Food of Jharkhand
  • Til Barfi – Til Barfi is the pride of Jharkhand state. Til Barfi is specially prepared during the Makar Sankranti festival. It is one of the most nutritious dishes of Jharkhand cuisine having a delicious taste. 
Food of Jharkhand
Til Barfi | Food of Jharkhand
  • Mitha Khaja – Mitha Khaja is the traditional dessert of Jharkhand. Without this dish, marriages and festivals remain incomplete. This delicacy has a special space in Jharkhand cuisine apart from all other desserts like Halwa, Kheer, Gujia. 
Food of Jharkhand
Mitha Khaja | Food of Jharkhand
  • Dudhori – Dudhori is also known as the desi gulab jamun prepared mainly during the Durgapooja. It is prepared using rice, milk, and sugar syrup. This traditional dish is made during the Navratra season. 
Jharkhand Cuisine
Dudhori | Food of Jharkhand

All try these dishes on your trip to Jharkhand and make it more memorable. So, try and enjoy your trip. 

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