Food of Mizoram – 7 famous food of Mizoram

3 years ago

Mizoram is a beautiful region in the North-East part of India. The food of Mizoram is a mixture of North Indian and Chinese ingredients. This unique mixture gives a sumptuous taste to the food of Mizoram.

In Mizoram, the food is served on banana leaf in order to maintain their custom and tradition. The people of Mizoram used bamboo as the main ingredient in their food. Fish is also used in most of the food items of Mizoram. 

Here is the list of famous food of Mizoram –

  • Bai – Bai is one of the most popular dishes in Mizoram. Bai is prepared by using pork, bamboo shoots, steamed vegetables, and local herbs and spices. It is served as a soup and is easily found in every street and corner of Mizoram. 
 Food of Mizoram
Bai | Food of Mizoram
  • Koat Pitha – Koat Pitha is a sort of fried pancakes of rice flour, jaggery, and bananas. It can also be prepared by adding fish in it. Koat Pitha is prepared during special occasions and festivals. 
Mizoram dishes
Koat Pitha | Food of Mizoram
  • Vawksa Rep – Vawksa Rep is a popular dish of Mizoram cuisine. The main ingredient of the dish is pork, flavored with local herbs. This lip-smacking dish will surely enhance your taste buds. 
 Food of Mizoram
Vawksa Rep | Food of Mizoram
  • Bamboo Shoot – Bamboo shoots are sweet and sour in taste, prepared by using mustard seeds and garlic. It is a special dish of Mizoram cuisine. 
Dishes of Mizoram
Bamboo Shoot | Food of Mizoram
  • Panch Phoran Tarka – Panch Phoran Tarka is one of the famous dishes of Mizoram. This has two versions: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.  In the vegetarian version, Panch Phoran Tarka is prepared with brinjal, pumpkin, and potato, whereas in the non-vegetarian version, it is prepared using chicken. 
 Food of Mizoram
Panch Phoran Tarka | Food of Mizoram
  • Chhum Han – Chhum Han is a vegetarian dish of steamed broccoli, cabbage, carrots, ginger, and tomato. To make this dish even more tasty, vegetables are not overcooked.
 Food of Mizoram
Chhum Han | Food of Mizoram
  • Misa Mach Poora – Misa Mach Poora is grilled shrimp cooked in mustard oil, lemon juice, orange flavor, and aromatic spices. It is served as a side dish along with the meal in Mizoram.
 Food of Mizoram
Misa Mach Poora | Food of Mizoram

Apart from all these delicacies, there are two popular drinks in Mizoram. The first is Zu or local tea, which is an important part of every meal in Mizoram, and the second is Lubrusca grape wine that is served during special occasions. If you ever visit Mizoram, do try these special food of the state. 

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