Food of Manipur – 8 famous food of Manipur

3 years ago

The North-Eastern states of India are famously known as the seven sisters, and one of these states is Manipur. Manipur has been entitled, “the Jewelled Land” due to its natural beauty. Manipur is the birthplace of Ras Lila, the classical Manipuri dance, and also well known for its exquisite cuisine. 

The food of Manipur is simple, healthy, and tasty as it contains less oil. The people of Manipur use organic ingredients in the food. Manipuris eat rice, fish, leafy vegetables and use a lot of home-made herbs like mint, chives, pepper, and basil.

Here is the list of famous food of Manipur –

  • Chamthong – Chamthong is a popular vegetable stew dish of Manipur. It is prepared with seasonal boiled vegetables, sliced onions, cloves, salt, garlic, maroi, and ginger. Chamthong is served with rice or fish. 
Food of Manipur
Chamthong | Food of Manipur
  • Eromba – Eromba is a favorite dish of Manipuris having fermented Ngari fish and a tonne of boiled vegetables. When served, garnished with maroi and coriander leaves. 
Manipur famous food
Eromba | Food of Manipur
  • Morok Metpa – Morok Metpa is a popular chutney in Manipur.  Dried and mashed green chili with boiled Ngari fish is used as ingredients. It is served with all kinds of meals by adding a pinch of salt in it. 
Food of Manipur
Morok Metpa | Food of Manipur
  • Singju – Singju is a type of vegetable salad that include vegetables like cabbage, coriander leaves, onions, ginger, lotus stems, the singju leaf, etc. Singju has a variation include raw papaya, cabbage, banana flower, and lotus root. It is flavored with besan, powdered perilla seeds, chili powder, and local herbs. 
Manipur dishes
Singju | Food of Manipur
  • Paaknam – Paaknam is a sort of savory pancake prepared with a thick batter of besan, herbs, vegetables, and flavored with chili and the traditional fish Ngari. This mixture is wrapped up in a banana leaf and then steamed. It is a perfect snack to have with a cup of tea or coffee in the evening.
Food of Manipur
Paaknam | Food of Manipur
  • Chak-hao Kheer – Chak-hao Kheer is a kheer prepared by using rice, milk, and cardamom powder. This dish is specially prepared on festivals and occasions and garnished with dry fruits like raisins, almonds, etc. 
Food of Manipur
Chak-hao Kheer | Food of Manipur
  • Alu Kangmet – Alu Kangmet is a simple dish prepared with boiled and mashed potatoes, mixed with fried red chili, salt, and mustard oil.
Manipur dishes
Alu Kangmet | Food of Manipur
  • Nga-Thongba – Nga-Thongba is a non-vegetarian dish prepared with bite-size pieces of fish flavored with crushed pepper and local spices. Nga-Thongba is the traditional dish of Manipur. 
Food of Manipur
Nga-Thongba | Food of Manipur

All these are the Manipuri dishes that will make you fall in love with the taste of the state. So, when ever you visit Manipur, enjoy these cuisine of Manipur. 

Sunidhi Garg

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