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Culture of Goa- Tradition, and Lifestyle

3 years ago

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Goa is also known as the “Rome of the East” or also as “The Miami of India” which has a direct blend of Portuguese culture because of the history. Goa is a popular destination with tempting and perky nightlife, mouth-watering food items, and natural wonders which is enjoyable throughout the year.

Whether you are fond of nightlife or beaches or a fascinating lifestyle, Goa covers all of them. One of the happening states of India which has a beautiful fusion of Goan and dominating Portuguese culture marks the famous destination for tourists.

Even though several Empires laid their marks through heritages here, Portuguese culture had a larger impact. Portuguese culture still has an impression on the general attitude and lifestyle of Goans.

In the past few decades, Goa has become a significant holiday destination across the globe fascinating millions of travelers annually.

Goa earlier was declared as a Union Territory which was later in 1987 turned into the 25th State of India. The capital city of Goa is Panaji and Vasco da Gama is one of the largest and most popular cities of the State of Goa.


The interesting fusion of Indian and Portuguese culture is the best highlight, no one can overlook. Natives of the State of Goa are called Goans. They are extremely friendly and warm with visitors. The  Goans are usually always happy-go-lucky people and they showcase the holiday spirit in their attitudes as well. The major highlight of this State is that they hardly practice religious fundamentalism. They are Goans before their religious identities which is rare to witness.

Goans usually practice ‘siesta’ that is, pulling down the shop shutters from 1 pm to 4 pm. The peace and harmony of the environment here is inexpressible.

The cultural heritage of Goa incorporates mosques, churches, and temples. The richness of their culture is reflected widely in the Goan folk dances and songs.

Konkani is known to be the official language of the State of Goa. Yet the languages spoken here include Konkani, Hindi, Portuguese, English, and Marathi.


Goa is famous for its nightlife. Goa is known to be the place that never sleeps. The astounding night parties Goa has to offer is always sought after by the youth across the world. The beaches and streets of Goa come to life at night.

Cuisines of Goa is a blend of Muslim, Hindu and Portuguese styles. Seafood and Portuguese lunch are popular dishes. Seafood is prepared with several herbs and spices. Goans use vinegar and coconut oil, mandatorily in their recipe. A dish named Khatkhate which is a vegetable stew is really very popular. Once you taste the pork dishes here, you would be left craving for more and more. For instance, vindaloo, sorpotel, xacuti, and chorizo. If you are in Goa, during the Christmas season, don’t forget to check out Bebinca (a sweet dish with multilayers). Feni is a famous alcoholic beverage that is either coconut feni or cashew feni.

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Goans usually wear cotton clothes that are favorable to their climate. Catholic women of Goa wear gowns or dresses while Hindu women wear nauvari saree. Other traditional attires of Goans include Valkal (still worn by tribals – a string of beads and a leafy loincloth), Pano Bhaju, and Kashti.

Traditional attire of GOA. : Image via Internet

While Goan men wear western-styled attires. Fishermen resort to bright and vibrant shirts, bamboo hats, and pants. Goa Carnival is the perfect event to attend if you want to glance through the popular costumes of the state of Goa.

Dance and music are some of the best parts of the Goan lifestyle. Music and dance run deep in their blood. The abundance of folk music or songs doesn’t stop Goans to experience the best of western compositions as well. Portuguese community introduced the instruments piano, violin, and mandolin into Goan music and hence they have played a major role in music since then. Mando, dekhni, corridinho, and fugdi are the traditional folk dances of the State of Goa.

Goa is the only state in India that has legalized gambling. There are numerous fascinating casinos as well for leisure. Watersports are the major part of Goa. Bullfight and football are played a lot in Goa as well.  In Goa, performing arts has a beautiful touch of Goan culture. The handicrafts are popular among tourists, such as brass, bamboo, seashells, clay, paper and brass which are bought as Goan souvenirs by tourists.

There are several plantations which are tourist attractions of Goa. For instance, Tropical Spice Plantation, Sahakari Spice Farm, Savoi Plantation, and Pascoal Spice Village. The natural marvels of Goa are something that attracts swarms of domestic and international tourists throughout the year for decades.

Goa has always been an intriguing destination that never fails to satisfy any visitors or travelers. Don’t miss out to visit the breathtaking paradise nestled in the country of India.

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