Culture of Himachal Pradesh: Lifestyle and Tradition

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Himachal Pradesh one of the least corrupted states has transformed rapidly because of technological advancement and has developed into the best tourist place. But in the past, it remains untouched due to difficult topography. In the year of 1971, Himachal Pradesh marked its presence as the 18th state of India according to Himachal Pradesh Act 1970 passed by parliament. Earlier it had the status of a union territory. It is comprised of twelve districts with Shimla as its capital.

Let us know about the culture, Art, and people of Himachal Pradesh.

People and culture of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is inhabited by majorly Hindus which includes different communities such as Brahmins, Rajputs, Choudhary, Kannets, Rathis, and Kolis. Himachal Pradesh is also the home of many communities of tribal people such as Gaddis, Kinnarms, Gujjars, and Pangawals, etc. 

Himachali Family

People of Himachal Pradesh are proud of their culture and embrace it very well. You can see people wearing their ethnic dresses resembling their tradition for example Brahmins can be seen wearing their dhoti, kurta, and turban with hand towels. Himachali topi is an identity of being Himachali. Although the people have started wearing western clothes still the culture is preserved in the hearts of every Himachali.

Himachali Topi

Hindi is the official state language of Himachal Pradesh but people of Himachal Pradesh speak a number of different languages. The majority of the population is dependent on the agriculture sector but now the engagement of people is increased in the tertiary sector.

Art and crafts of Himachal Pradesh

 It seems like people of Himachal Pradesh have not only inherited their traditions but also the art of nurturing their talent in every possible way. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its Handicrafts. The lovers of Pashmina shawl found in Himachal are all over the world. Himachali Topi a symbol of the culture of Himachal Pradesh which resembles the simplicity of culture in a very graceful way.

In business, carpentry and pottery people are actively engaged. Here you can purchase no. of products made up of bamboo such as sofas, chairs, baskets, and metalwork such as utensils, silver jewelry, vessels, etc. which shows the perfection of craftsman of Himachal Pradesh. Nature has provided abundant natural resources to the people of Himachal Pradesh which they have received hand folded and maintained its elegance.

Music and Dance of Himachal Pradesh

Music and dance of a place resemble the ethnicity and the culture of that place so does the Himachal Pradesh dance and music. The music and dance is also a way of the indigenous people to connect to their god. You cannot bind the art of music and dance to one specific area that’s what the case in Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh, no. of dance forms prevail in different areas such as Dangi of Chamba region, Gee, and Burah dance of Sirmour region, Naati, Kharait, Ujagjama, and Chadhgebrikar of  Kullu region which is adored by people all over the country. These dance forms play a vital role in the life of tribal people. The variedness and complexity of dance show the novelty and faith of people toward their culture and tradition.

There is no classical form of music but folk music is mostly preferred by the Himachal people. Music and Dance of Himachal Pradesh have always been the high point of attraction for tourist who wants to know about the culture and tradition of people here.

Fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh

Although every day in Himachal Pradesh is like attending the festival of nature, there are fair and festivals which the Himachali people celebrate. In these festivals and fairs, you can witness how much the people of Himachal Pradesh adorn their culture that they have inherited from their ancestors. People wear colorful dresses and accessories resembling their culture in pristine form actively participate in these fairs and festivals.

Some of the common festivals are KulluDussehra, Rakhiri (rakhi), Shivratri Fair, ShooliniMela, Sazo Festival, Minjar Fair, Mani Mahesh ChhariYatra, Renukafair, Lavi Trade Fair.

Cuisine of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is not only known for its natural beauty but for its taste of food also. Himachal Pradesh is situated in the northern part of India which is why its food is similar to other northern states. But there are some dishes which will make your heart flutter. Some of the most famous dishes are Dham, Mittha, Sidu, Chana Madra Mash Daal, etc. These dishes have their own taste and relevance in the culture of Himachal Pradesh. Although there is a lack of availability of vegetables due to cold terrain, the food of Himachal Pradesh is the perfect blend of the species and the love people have in their hearts for their ethnic food.

The harmony with which diversity prevails in the culture of the people of Himachal has once again proved that the Indian subcontinent has “the unity that absorbs diversity”.

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