Covishield administered in 2 doses in India, no change has been made.”- NITI Aayog

1 year ago

The Union health ministry said on Tuesday that the Covishield dose schedule has not changed and that the vaccine will continue to be given in two doses at an interval of 12 weeks. Covaxin, which is made in India, will follow a similar two-dose regimen.

There is no change in the schedule of Covishield doses; it will be administered in two doses only. After the first Covishield dose is administered, the second dose will be given after 12 weeks. The same regimen will be followed for the Covaxin schedule, the second dose to be administered in 4-6 weeks,” said  Dr. Vinod K Paul, Niti Ayog member (health) at a press briefing. He also added, “The rumor that Covishield can be taken in one dose has been circulating, but this is untrue. Please don’t spread false information about this.”

The health ministry announced today that research on mixing different vaccines will be done, but that it will remain an unresolved scientific matter for the time being, and that no vaccinations would be mixed until solid research supports it.

“It’s a scientific curiosity, and science will resolve it,” Dr. Paul said at a news conference on Tuesday. “Until then, there will be no mixing of vaccines.”

Seema Jain

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