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5 caring tips for a child against coronavirus: According to Paediatrician

3 years ago

Lakhs of people have been infected with the novel coronavirus which causes a disease known as COVID-19, and more than 33,000 people have died worldwide. The corona outbreak has taken 200 countries under its attack.

As the numbers are increasing, parents are worried about the children considering that children don’t have handwashing habits after playing, eating and studying. Though it has been said that children are less susceptible to the corona effect but we shouldn’t forget that their immune system is also weak.

Dr. Ajeet Taltia, Hisar- based leading pediatrician in an interview with Jugaadin News urged parents to stay calm and take reasonable precautions reminding children to frequently wash their hands, avoid shaking hands, maintain social distancing and adopt self-quarantine.

Dr. Ajeet’s 10 caring tips for parents to follow are:

1. Make them learn good hand wash practice: Make sure that children wash their hands when they come from outside, after using the washroom, and before eating anything. They should wash hands for 20seconds. Human contact is the real cause of the spreading of coronavirus, that’s why following good hygiene is mandatory. Tell them to use sanitizer if water and soap are not available.

Regular Handwashing
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2. Avoid shaking hands: In an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, cities to states are lockdown so that no social gatherings would be there. Make your child aware of not shaking hands during this time and maintain a suitable distance with their friends.

Avoid Handshaking
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3. Stock up for child’s essential medicines and requirements: as there is lockdown and everyone is under quarantine, thus being a parent it’s your responsibility to bring essential requirements and general medicines of children so as to avoid any emergency.

4. Avoid persons who have foreign travel history: The most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus is older people, foreign countries visited and those with some other medical conditions like diabetes and coronary Heart disease. As a result, parents are recommended to take extra precautions not to allow children to go anywhere and in-home quarantine also handles elder and young children with due care in a family.

Indoor Activities
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5. Encourage playing indoor games: To reduce anxiety, promote good health and to remove the negativity that news channels spread,  families should prioritize indoor playing. This idea of playing, exercising indoor will help to improve the immune function of children.

Constantly reading news about the health crisis and the number of death increment may cause anxiety and panic among families. But it is recommended that families should give quality time and get engage in some fun activities with children. There are people called Doctors who are taking care of you.

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