Chandrayaan 2: PM Modi hugs ISRO Chief

2 years ago

Chandrayaan 2 mission was just a few km away from the success when ISRO lost contact from Lander Vikram. Lander Vikram was just a 2.1 km away from the moon surface when ISRO declared that they have lost contact from Lander Vikram. PM Modi talked about this incident with ISRO scientists on Saturday dawn and encourage them to not be disappointed and also hugged ISRO chief (K.Sivan).

PM Modi kept hugging(K. Sivan) for a long time and encouraged him. In view of this development, PM Modi also addressed the nation at eight o’clock this morning. He said, ‘You are the people who live for Maa Bharti for her glory. You are the people who fight for the glory of Mother Bharati. You are the people who have a passion for Mother Bharati. Mother Bharti spends her whole life for getting head high. They encapsulate their dreams.

PM Modi has also tweeted about this event

See the entire timeline of Chandryaan 2 mission

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July 15: Mission was aborted due to some technical issue

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July 22: Launch successful

Aug 20: Chandrayaan 2 successfully entered into lunar orbit

Sept 03: First de-orbital manoeuvre for Lander Vikram Completed

Sept 06: Chandryaan 2 landing day

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