The first de-orbit manoeuvre for Lander Vikram successfully completed.

1 year ago

Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram completed the predetermined process of moving in the reverse direction for four seconds. Its process started successfully at 8.50 am on Tuesday. The propulsion system installed in Chandrayaan-2 was used. The next process of changing the move will be completed tomorrow, i.e on September 4, between 3.30 and 4.40 in the afternoon. The whole process is being adopted so that it can turn to the south pole of the moon.

Reason for change

Actually, Lander Vikram has one central engine and three auxiliary engines. On Tuesday, when Vikram made a move for four seconds, a fire broke out in the engine behind Vikram. Likewise, the engine fire will burn on Wednesday. This will reduce the altitude of one side of Vikram from 100/100 to 100/35. That is, the altitude on one side of Vikram is more while the altitude on the other side will decrease. This low altitude will make it easier to land on the lunar surface. ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan explained this whole process in detail. However, Vikram Lander’s orbit is 104 km x 128 km. Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter is circling the moon’s orbit continuously. The good thing is that both the orbiter and the lander are perfect.

7th Sept the Landing date

The lander Vikram is expected to land on the moon surface by 7 September.

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