Bose discontinued sleepbuds after receiving issues from customers.

2 years ago

Bose sleepbuds was launched in June 2018. The main reason to launch these sleepbuds is to solve the sleep problem for people who struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. But things were not going in the right way, Bose company started receiving negative feedback from customers. Customers reported issue like; sleepbuds not charging fully, powering down unexpectedly, or both.

After receiving issues Bose then tried to solve the problem, they relentlessly researched the root course with a team and believed that some software and firmware updates could fix the issues, but the failures have continued and recently the issues increased. Bose then started to research deeply about the issues and scrutinized each and every piece, and after the research, Bose came to the final end and found that the battery they choose to functions safely, it doesn’t work as consistently or predictable as it should meet their standards.

For this reason, Bose discontinued sleepbuds. Customers can return the sleepbuds and get a full refund of the product until December 31,2019.

Deepak Kumar

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