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Best places to visit in Gurgaon/Gurugram

3 years ago

Gurugram – the cyber city of Haryana is quite famous for its industrial establishment and presence of various MNC’s here but the city holds something more for everyone apart from working modules. It has great shopping malls, amusement parks, biodiversity parks, and many more fun-filled places.

Let’s explore some of the best places to hang on in Gurugram

1.  Sultan Pur bird century

Sultan Pur bird century is located in the Gurgaon now known as Gurugram, Haryana. The bird century is located 46 km away from Delhi.

Place in Gurugram to visit

The bird century is famous among the bird watchers, nature lovers and people who love visiting new places worth watching. The bird century has been declared a national park by the state government. Dotted lofty trees, tortillas, Nilotica, and many more birds are found inside the park. The park is also equipped with clear washrooms which make it easy for the watchers to stay there for a long time. It’s a home for migratory birds in winter. So the best time to visit the Sultanpur bird sanctuary and to spot migratory birds is winter.

There are measures being taken in order to ensure sustainability and vegetation in the sanctuary.

2. Kingdom of dreams

The KOD in Gurugram is India’s first live entertainment place with leisure and theatre. The magnificent structure and glitter of the lights offer the taste of modern and interactive India. The KOD involves the capture of different states, art forms (street art, local arts, fine arts), traditions of different parts of India, lifestyle and culture, two international theatres, and advanced state of the art technology making it more permissible to visit. The massive area of six acres is coupled with luxury and style. India’s first-ever skydome has eye-catching sites from the culture and heritage of 14 different states.

Place to visit in Gurugram
Kingdom of dream | Place to visit in Gurugram

3. Museum of folk tribal art

The museum of folk and tribal art has a distinctive collection of Indian folk and tribal art pieces. The priceless legacy showcases bronze, paintings, metal craft, paper mache, textiles, terracottas, woodcraft, and books.

Place to visit in Gurugram
Place to visit in Gurugram

The museum is better known as the home of K.C. Aryan. The museum was founded in 1984 in Gurgaon by the renowned painter, sculptor,  art historian and a pioneer collector of folk and traditional art pieces.

The museum is the first place that binds traditional art with priceless objects of the world culture. The great visionary K.C Aryan foresees the tales of these arts and started writing them into 23 scholarly books.

4. DLF Cyber hub

The lavish social center is the best place to visit after a long working week to party with friends, or on a date with someone special. The place is equipped with game parlors, shopping hubs, food court, and whatnot. The place always wins the heart for its luxurious ambiance which sets a vibe on every occasion whether its rakhi, Diwali, independence day, new year, or any other day.

Place to visit in Gurugram
Place to visit in Gurugram | Cyber Hub

The place provides a fit for everything like candlelight date, fun time with friends and family, shopping for some occasion, or wants to have your monthly grocery shopping. The cyber hub is the place for everyone.

5. Aravalli Biodiversity park

The biodiversity park spreads over 153.7 acres providing an ecologically stable atmosphere to the species. The park is broadly divided into two zones, namely the visitor zone and the nature zone.

The rugged cut slopes of the park serve various dimensions that are an ideal niche for ferns.

Place to visit in Gurugram
Place to visit in Gurugram | Biodiversity Park

Habitat of the mixed deciduous forest is surrounded by the water body, aquatic vegetation, and home for a few native ducks.

Adjacent to the office complex passes a conservatory herbal plant that goes to the shallow valley, called the amphitheater, surrounded by the conservatory butterflies that seem to be a grace of nature in every segment.

6. Fun and food village

Fun and food village is one of the easily accessible places of Gurugram and a must-visit place for the people who want an amusement park with all the lovable food and shopping. The place is great for food lovers and for the ones who enjoy amusing rides.

Place to visit in Gurugram
Place to visit in Gurugram | Fun n Food Village

The place has a high quality of the equipment that is completely safe and plays friendly,  thus suitable for the children. You can literally leave your worries behind and enjoy with your children and have some fun time together with your family.

7. Sky jumper trampoline Park

Sky jumper trampoline park is an indoor amusement park and can be your Sureshot destination of a birthday celebration for your kid. The sky jumper is completely safe and gives a wild environment that allows you to flip, fly, jump, and everything you imagine to do with no gravity feel.

Places to visit in Gurugram
Places to visit in Gurugram | Trampoline park

The 13000 sq feet area is covered by the walls and interconnected trampolines. The place is known to be the family entertainment park. The volleyball courts, slam dunk hoops, farm pit are just full of fun.

Here we complete the top 7 places you must visit in Gurgaon to have a chill time with family and friends.

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