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Best Events in Karnataka to Explore

3 years ago

Karnataka, a state in the south region of India is one of the great states of India which contributes to the country’s development and balances the economic system of the country. There lies everything a person needs to grow successfully in life, from good education to perfect employment. The culture and tradition of Karnataka allow outsiders to adjust here and make them feel like their own city or state.

You must be excited to know the culture and tradition of Karnataka, and the best time to know the tradition of any state or any country is to visit in their festivals.

So, here are some biggest festivals of Karnataka that will surely tell you everything about the custom, culture, and unique tradition of Karnataka.

1. Celebration of Dasara

One of the greatest events in Karnataka that you must experience once in your life. The city of Mysore is named after the demon “Mahishasur” killed by the goddess “Durga”. People of Mysore celebrate this festival to signify the victory over evil. The festival is celebrated in the month of September or October, it is observed in the month of “Kartik” according to Hindu calendar. During this festival, Mysore palace is decorated as of a bride, and the surrounding areas are also decorated with lights, flowers, posters & banners, and fairs are also held in markets.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Mysore Dasara

 Now the most special thing about the celebration is that it is one of the biggest celebrations in India. The whole Dasara celebration is of 9-10 days, in those 10 days Mysore shows all the traditional folks of Karnataka. There are many cultural programs held at Mysore palace including traditional dances, music, and natakas (also called Rangabhoomi) which tells the ancient heroic stories of Karnataka. The celebration includes various traditional sports for people of all ages, some sports like a tug of war, hide and seek, Goli, snakes and ladder, bow and arrow, chowkabara, gilli danda, and many more. It also has food mela where you can taste the various traditional cuisines of Karnataka and from all over the world.

    You must explore this event once with your family, it will be a great experience and you will get to know tradition, custom and culture of Karnataka.

2. Celebration of Deepavali

The festival of lights popularly known as Deepavali is celebrated in Southern India. This celebration revolves around the win of good over evil and triumph over purity over impurity. This festival of lights is celebrated on the darkest night that is the first night of the new moon in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. The buildings, streets, and temples are decorated with Diya, spectacular lights, and colorful garlands. This event offers friends and family to gather around and celebrate and enjoy spending some time with each other. This festival is an event of rejoice and renewal. Every religion like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism celebrate this festival as in every religion it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. It is celebrated for five days named Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali, Balipadyami, and Bhai Bij in Karnataka and several other states. This festival is a must-visit event for people who are away from their families as it brings peace and prosperity.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Diwali

3. Yakshagana

Yakshagana is the most famous folk dance of coastal regions of Karnataka. It is originated from the Bhakti movement in the 8th century, and towards the 18-19 century it was getting celebrated in the western regions of Karnataka. Yakshagana is a unique style of the dance form, its performance consists of traditional art forms, rhythmic music, drama, dialogues and actions. The art form shows the custom, culture, and tradition of Karnataka.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka |yakshgana

The acts performed in Yakshagana depict the ancient Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Musical performances include chande (drum), harmonium, Taala, flute, and more. The costumes worn by performers is something unique and very heavy, it includes Large size headgear, colored faces, and they also wear ghoongroo (musical beads) in their leg.

    This traditional dance form is very peculiar and pride of Karnataka that you must see once in your life, it will be an amazing experience.    

4. Kambala (Buffalo Race)

Kambala is a very unique annual festival celebrated in Dakshina Kannada district including Mangalore collectively known as Tulu Nadu in the state of Karnataka. It starts in November and runs till March during which over 45 races are held in coastal Karnataka. It is a simple sport activity for the entertainment of rural people. One can visit this event to see the culture and traditions of rural Karnataka. The racetrack is slushy paddy field where buffaloes are driven by jockeya’s (whip-lashing farmers). Traditionally, it was not competitive as only one pair was run at a time but now in modern Karnataka, it takes place between two pairs and the winning pair was rewarded with coconuts and bananas historically but now the pair is awarded silver and gold coins. The buffaloes are decorated and by this event, the farmers give thanks for protecting them from diseases. This event is a full package of entertainment, joy and thrill and should be visited once to enjoy the enormous experience.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka |Kambala

5. Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi or Gauri Habba in Kannada. It is celebrated on a big scale in Karnataka. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to observe Lord Ganesha’s birthday in the lunar month of Bhadrapada (a Hindu month). It lasts for 10 days, ending on Ananta Chaturdashi. Local delicacies famous in Karnataka like Payasams, Kosambhari, and willows are offered on a banana leaf to the diety and used to make thalis which generally exchanged among married women during friendly visits and prayer sessions. It is celebrated all over the country but is celebrated the most elaborated way in Karnataka as it was the former state of the Maratha Empire. In Southern India, Gowri Habba is celebrated one day before Ganesh Chaturthi as it is believed that on the 13th day of the month of Bhadrapada, Goddess Gowri is welcomed and then the next day her son Lord Ganesha is welcomed to take his mother back to Kailasha. The attractions for the people who attend this event are the specially erected temporary structures called pandals in every locality which is beautiful and unique in every place due to its different designs, lighting, and theme-based decorations.

Event in Karnataka
Ganesh Festival | Event in Karnataka

6. Nagaradhane

Nagaradhane is an event celebrated in Karnataka state in the coastal districts of Kasaragod, Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. It is also known as Tulu Nadu as it is practiced by Tuluva community members. The serpent gods are worshipped by performing the famous folk dance ‘Bhuta Kola’ by two priests that is Patri (male form) and Nagakannika (female form). This multi-day festival is basically held to show respect towards snakes and create awareness about their multiple religious, social, and ecological significance. People should attend this event to see the balance between culture and nature and amazing folk dance which is so unique from any other festival dance.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Nagardhane

7. Karaga (Oldest and most widely celebrated festival in Karnataka)

Karaga is the oldest and most widely celebrated festival in Karnataka in the honor of Goddess Shakti (goddess of power). It is a folk dance that overall depicts the rich religious and cultural heritage of the state of Karnataka. It is held at the famous Dharmarayaswamy temple located in Bangalore. It is celebrated for 9 days beginning from full moon day of Chaitra that falls in March or April. It is so popular among pilgrims and people attend this event as it shows the cultural diversity of Karnataka. Most of the people are attracted by its grand procession held on full moon night. It was originated by the Tamil-speaking community known as the Tigala community is Southern Karnataka. On the last day, the fire-walking ritual is done, Veerakumaras wear traditional dhotis and carry sword and dance over charcoals and hit their bare chest with sword blades and then start running over charcoals. Almost 500 beautiful chariots arrive from all over the city and it is such an admiring view for the visitors as they haven’t seen anything like this in other festivals. One unique thing about this festival is the Karaga bearer who carries pot symbolizing goddess of power confined to temple premises, undertakes several preparatory rituals, goes on a diet of milk and fruits only, leaves home, and arrives at the temple and lead a life of seclusion before the festival. His wife lives the life of a widow and not able to see him on procession, handles her mangal-sutra to her husband and when the festival is over the couple is remarried.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Karaga

8. Kannada Rajyotsava

Kannada Rajyotsava also is known as Kannada Day, is the formation day of the state of Karnataka. It is celebrated in every school, college, and other offices on November 1st of every year. The history is like, in the year 1956, all the Kannada-speaking regions were merged and formed the state of Karnataka. Events like the Karnataka flag is hoisted with an address from the Governor and Chief Minister, processions, orchestra, and many cultural programs take place, and Rajyotsava Awards are given to the people. This day is listed as a government holiday in the state of Karnataka. It is an overall celebration of culture and tradition which shows the prosperity of this state.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Kannada Rajotsava

9. Hampi Utsava

Hampi festival also known as the Vijaya Utsav is celebrated in Karnataka to show their richness in culture by fireworks, music shows, and pomp procession. It is held for 3 days during the first week of November. It is one of the largest celebrations of the ancient Vijayanagar empire now called Hampi. It takes place every year at Virupaksha Temple. It commemorates the tradition and culture of a bygone era. People are attracted to this event to see the concert of folk songs called Janapada Kalavahini and unique attractions of sound and light shows which they don’t want to miss.

Event in Karnataka
Event in Karnataka | Hamoi Utsav

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