5 cafes in Gurgaon to spend leisure time

3 years ago

Coffee is something that always connects, whether it is the connection between your thoughts and emotion or a date with your new girlfriend, a treat for yourself, or looking for some casual outing with your friends. Coffee is something that is neither formal nor that casual, it is something in between yet absolutely important.

The relaxing hot coffee can turn your buddha mode be on before work and has the potential to refresh your mood in between your hectic day. If you live in Gurgaon and looking for the cafe’s to have some time of togetherness without compromising the worth of every penny, then you must go for these cafes once that are budget-friendly and offer the best services in the city.

The cafe selected in the article offers you a needed cup of coffee of premium quality. The hygiene in any cafe is again something considerable and these cafes qualify the parameters of hygiene requirements.

So let’s discuss the top 5 cafes of the busy city like Gurgaon which you can plan to visit for some delicious cup of coffee and having some yummy, savory, and inviting breakfast along.

5. Another fine day

The cafe never disappoints who wants to go on a coffee date with someone special. The insta-worthy cafe is just perfect to show off your flavorsome cup of coffee with mouthwatering snacks along. The cafe has young vibes and even a small library for those who want to spend some time with books.

Cafes in gurugram
Cafes in Gurgaon

The cafe’s breakfast is something which cannot be missed and one can enjoy some decent variety of beers and wine in the fresh space.

Highlights: Insta-worthy, availability of Wi-Fi

Must-haves: grilled fish, chicken salad, minestrone soup, Hot chocolates

4. Di- Ghent cafe

The cafe is for those who love a rustic wooden look. The picture-perfect light filled cafe is a mixture of comfortable seating and an array of books. The charming wooden finish with a beautiful pair of wine and tasteful dishes make the whole experience unforgettable.

Cafes in gurugram
Cafes in Gurgaon

The staff is very friendly and supportive. The vibe of the cafe is just right for your personal space and a chill out with friends. The breakfast options are mouthwatering and healthy at the same time. The cafe appears to be clean, fresh, and hygienic.

Highlights: attentive service, tasty breakfast options

Must have:  pesto spaghetti Gerrard de, zuiderlaan, mushroom soup, pasta carbonara

3. Onesta

Onesta is again a cafe that carries an ambiance of love and care. The cafe is airy and on high-end style. The cafe’s specialty is the pizza buffet that you won’t find in most of the reputed cafes in Gurgaon.

Cafes in gurugram
Cafes in Gurgaon

You can enjoy affordable ultimate pizza on the easy breeze terrace beside the Insta worthy interiors and can enjoy the city from the up. The whole look of the cafe is a blend of beauty and food which never disappoints. The budget-friendly cafe is the first choice for youngsters as it won’t get heavy on the pocket for a cup of coffee with flavorful breakfast.

Highlights: pizza buffet, other services

Must-haves: oreo delight, focaccia bead, farmhouse pizza, mushroom cheese pizza

2. OLLY – olive’s all-day cafe and bar  

The cafes are not a place for coffee anymore, OLLY – the olive’s all-day cafe and bar is a place worth visiting for the cup of coffee you need with the variety of breakfast options.

It is not just the coffee but the interior ( and exterior) of the cafe that attracts the more. This popular brunch place in Gurgaon is full of aura, light, beauty, sophistication, painting frames, greenery, and blissful coloring tones.

Cafes in gurugram
Cafes in Gurgaon

The positive vibes of the cafe allow the one to have some personal space and time as well. The whole ambiance of the place is supportive.

This peaceful area serves the coffee, breakfast, brunch options that are worthy of your every penny. The hygiene is taken proper care of and the staff of the cafe is very cooperative and guides you through the best of the menu.

Highlights: Great coffee

Must haves- British springtime, ginger ninja

1. Getafix

This amazing place has all the worth to come in the first seat when we are discussing a cafe that serves the best coffee in the whole city. The cozy comfortable place is full of colors and is best suited for its amazing serving.

Cafes in gurugram
Cafes in Gurgaon

The small casual dining cafe painting all over the right places is done creatively. The healthy meals in the cafe are something that can’t be missed.

Highlights: great and healthy breakfast and courteous staff

Must haves: smoothie bowl, avocado sandwich, pound cake.

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