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8th Edition of Google for India,  Google discloses new updates, Know about all updates

1 year ago

On Monday at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, the 8th edition of the Google for India event took place. CEO of Google and Alphabet Mr. Sundar Pichai came to India after 5 years for this event. Along with him, India’s Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav discussed India’s role in technology and artificial intelligence development. Google introduced many new features at this event such as digitizing doctor’s prescriptions, DigiLocker through Files app, and Google Pay’s new ‘Transaction Search’ feature, etc. 

Big Announcement by Google

Google has announced a new technology for doctors. This technology will scan the doctor’s handwriting and tell users what the doctor has written in the prescription. To use this feature, users have to click a photo of the prescription and upload the photo of the prescription on Google Lens. Google also claims to make search result pages multilingual. The new technology has started in Hindi and in the coming year, will be expanded to other Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali 

On this Professor Govindan Rangarajan, Director of the Indian Institute of Science said – “India’s language landscape is unique, in every hundred kilometers its dialects and accents often change, and multiple languages are spoken in the same district. And that’s why we’re delighted to collaborate with Google on Project Vani, an effort that is fundamental to creating inclusive AI technology that truly reflects India’s rich diversity of languages and speech.”

At this event, Google also announced the DigiLocker feature for Android phone users. DigiLocker is a virtual locker that stored all the important documents digitally in a paperless format. All documents saved in DigiLocker will be completely valid. In addition to that, Google Pay announced advanced security features for digital payments. With this feature, users will be able to know about their transactions through voice. 

Google also announced a “Search in Video” feature that allows you to search for anything in a video. All you have to do is type your query on YouTube within the video and Google will show you that part directly.  In 2023, the “Search in Video” feature on YouTube will be available. YouTube will allow educational channels to offer free or paid courses for their viewers. Viewers who purchase the courses will be able to watch the ad-free videos.

Sundar Pichai tweeted on the Google for India event and wrote – “So great to be back in India! At #GoogleForIndia, we introduced a multimodal AI model that covers 100+ Indian languages, ML-powered bilingual search results pages (launching in India first), and support for a new center for responsible AI @iitmadras+ more.

After the event, Sundar Pichai met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While sharing a photo with his Prime Minister on Twitter, he wrote – Thank you for a great meeting today PM @narendramodi. Inspiring to see the rapid pace of technological change under your leadership. Look forward to continuing our strong

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