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Twitter will delete 150 cores of inactive accounts, said Elon Musk

1 year ago

After Elon Musk took over the reins of Twitter, many changes have been done. Twitter CEO, Elon Musk has now announced the closure of inactive accounts. He said that Twitter will soon start freeing up the namespace of 15 million accounts. Accounts that don’t have Tweets or haven’t logged in for many years will be deleted.

The benefit of deleting the inactive account will be to those people who want a particular username but are not able to take it because that username has been taken by someone else. Now, if the user is not using that account and has not tweeted since the beginning, then in that situation the account will be deleted. By doing this, Twitter’s user accounts will indeed reduce, but Musk has not paid attention to it. 

According to reports, India has 23 million active users on Twitter, the US has 76 million active users, Japan- has 58 million, Indonesia-18 million, and Brazil has 19 million users.

Announcing the closure of 150 million inactive accounts on his Twitter account, Elon Musk wrote – ‘Twitter will soon start freeing up the namespace of 1.5 billion accounts.’

Shruti Jain

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