6 Important tips how to choose the right stream after 10th

2 years ago

After completing class 10th, there are many doors open to students in terms of subjects, careers, etc. These gigantic numbers of options make students confused and overwhelming at the same time which makes it difficult sometimes for them to opt for the correct option for them.

Yes, it’s a pretty important task , as Your selected stream influences the courses you’ll pursue after 12th which further affects the career options.         The  stream you choose after 10th is somewhere capable of influencing your career. This is why it’s an important decision. Before selecting a particular stream you must think and research properly on it. There are some tips and advices to choose a right stream are listed below which will be useful to you :-

1). What you want

The first and primary thing which matters a lot is what you want . You must have a vision of yourself working in a particular field. Any work you would like to do and make that your career. Because the momentous thing is you and your interests. Instead of choosing it on the basis of other opinion You need to be yourself and choose what  you want. As it’s a fact that you can do a work better if it’s of your interest and you love to do it. It increases your efficiency for it even more.

There is a saying ‘ Do What you want’ and it’s completely true. You are doing this for your own sake, to make your life better so does it in a way you want . Choose the career where you would like to see yourself, opt it according to your aims which you have set for your future. You should listen to everybody’s opinion as you’ll get to know extensively about the different options but at last listen to your heart what it says and go for that.

But it’s completely okay if you don’t know about your particular interest and aim. We’ll discuss many other prospects which can help you to decide:


You should be realistic while choosing a stream after 10th. Competently heed upon your aptitude. If you are extremely weak in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), you have to face a lot of problems working upon  the subjects present in science stream.That’s why choosing a stream  according to your aptitude is essential. You can also take an aptitude test to find out your abilities in a particular field. You can also take help of online tools available for it.

Similarly if you are excellent in accounts and economics , choosing Commerce will be very beneficial to you.

Find out more about your strong points and choose your stream wisely based on such strengths.

Just knowing about your aptitude and strength will not be helpful like you have an excellent aptitude for science stream  but you are interested in Commerce more then choose it according to your interest not only on basis of your aptitudes and strengths.

3). Know completely about the stream inside out

Before choosing a stream you should know all about it .What are the subjects covered in it, it’s scopes , what career options it avails to you etc. Then only you will be able to choose the right stream for you.

You can get each and every detail about all the streams available to you to choose out the right one for you :

1).Non- medical

2). Medical

3). Commerce

4). Arts

You can click on the above links and check out all important details .

4). Take help of educational counseling

If you are really confused about which stream you should choose  that’ll suit you best .  If you have access to  generous counselling facilities, make use of them. It will help you as well as your parents get an idea about the whole procedure. Both students and their parents must get involved in this counseling process.

If you don’t have access to a good educational counsellor, you can also take help of your teachers . Teachers certainly know much about you than just your name in their attendance register. You have a constant interaction with your teacher for a long time, they know many  details about your strengths, personality and traits. Based on this knowledge and their teaching background, they may be able to lead you further.

5). Make use of field trips

Here we’re not talking about any kind of fun trip. Field trip is a trip to a working place related to a particular career. You can go there and analyse the related work . Let’s understand this by an example-

Suppose you want to become a mechanical engineer . Field trip will help you find whether the work environment will suit you or not. You can  go to any nearby mechanical industry and analyse the work of an engineer there, there are different branches for the work like quality, production, maintenance etc. By analysing each particular sector you’ll be able to know whether the job of mechanical engineer suits you or not.

6). Career prospects

If you are a brilliant student and want to and building a edifying career is your extreme motive. Then you need to analyse each stream carefully and check out the various career prospects related to them. You should find out its future prospects, how that particular field will be affected in future? Will the career opportunities increase or decrease in it? What will be it’s growth? These things are important to know before choosing the stream as your career is most crucial and significant to you.

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