12 Best Cafes in Delhi

3 years ago

 Apart from being the national capital of India, Delhi is the hub of fashion, art, and cultural heritage. Filled with opulence, this cosmopolitan city has a rich vibrancy in each and every aspect. Along with the city itself, the food here has also witnessed a major evolution. The capital at present has to its credit a gamut of cafes and lounges which furnish their customers with an impeccable fusion of diverse cuisines from different countries and cities. Delhi NCR boasts of some really high end and extravagant cafes that are known by people far and wide. The delectable and mouth-watering food served here makes their customers come for more. If you are a foodie at heart, you need to visit these cafes in Delhi for one of a kind experiences. 

  • Hauz Khan social- this cafe has created a special place in the hearts of Delhiites owing to their quirky backdrop, tempting cocktails, peppy music, and exuberant ambiance. Due to tremendous popularity, they have extended their branches in various in Delhi like Defence Colony, Nehru place. Social is also a dynamic and vibrant working place that attracts a number of freelancers and office goers owing to their quiet environment.
Hauz Khaz Social | Image Source- Google
  • Nukkad, SDA- a petite and quirky cafe ensconced in the SDA market, will have you awe-struck with their sparkling fairy lights and delicious range of food. From pizzas to platters to sandwiches, this place will make you fall in love with their delectable meals along with their rustic ambiance.
Nukkad, SDA | Image Source- Google
  • Cafe Lota- set amidst the crafts museum, this cafe offers a range of cuisines to choose from. From modern to regional to Indian dishes, they will surely have you come again with the if mouthwatering dishes. The artsy crafts museum at the backdrop with intricate interiors adds to the beauty of the cafe. 
Cafe Lota | Image Source- Google
  • Triveni terrace cafe- overlooking the beauty of the gardens while relishing some delicious meals makes this cafe a perfect hangout spot. Located inside the Triveni art gallery, this cafe is a fusion of minimalistic yet classic interiors and can be considered as a hidden gem in streets of Janpath. 
Triveni Terrace Cafe | Image Source- Google
  • Amalfi, GK2- along with satiating you hunger, this cafe will surely soothe your soul with their eloquent and soothing tunes playing in the backdrop. This place will absolutely make you fall in love with their idyllic ambiance and splendid view. 
Amalfi | Image Source- Google
  • Rose Cafe- with exceptionally designed interiors of pastel pink hues and ceilings decorated with beautiful lamps, this cafe is sure to set the right mood along with the delectable meals served here. Undoubtedly it is one of the best cafes for the perfect evening with your friends and family. 
Rose Cafe | Image Source- Google
  • Diggin cafe- this place is a perfect amalgamation of Italian cuisines and French ambiance. Their bricked walls and glittery fairy lights along with a French Windows and lush green gardens makes this cafe a must-visit for all. They extended another branch in Chanakyapuri which is equally enthralling. Do visit this place to experience an extravagant range of dishes and stunning ambiance. 
Diggin | Image Source- Google
  • Imperfecto Hauz Khan- a perfect hangout spot to chat over a coffee overlooking the architectural beauty of Hauz Khas fort. I perfecto is among the quirkiest cafes Avant grade cafes which attracts a number of people owing to their distinctive backdrop and delectable meals. The cafe boasts of foreign cuisines, tranquil environment, and eloquent ambiance which makes it stand apart from the rest. 
Imperfecto | Image Source- Google
  • Cha Bar- nice petite ensconced in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place is a safe haven for every book lover out there. While rustling through the pages of your favorite novel, you can sip on some piping hot chai and delectable snacks. With a library attached to the cafe, they offer 67 different varieties of chai and along with a peaceful ambiance. This place is a must-visit when in Delhi. 
Cha Bar | Image Source- Google
  • Cafeteria and Co. -this cafe positioned in Satya Niketan and north campus is known for serving a variety of delicious meals and beverages which will not burn a hole in your pocket. The cozy and mellow vibes of this place never seem to disappoint their customers. With inexpensive and array of meals to choose from, this place has become a popular hangout spot amongst college students.
Cafeteria and Co. | Image Source- Google
  • Flying Saucer Cafe- Positioned in Nehru place, this place has become one of the most happening party spots in South Delhi owing to the array of cuisines and beverages served. The café is power-packed with high end events and live concerts happening almost every weekend which is why it has become the best go-to party place. Visit this café for a fun-filled evening with a fusion of platters and great music.
Flying Saucer | Image Source- Google
  • Lord of The Drinks- Popularly known as LOD, it is one of the most sought-after party places in a number of metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Pune. This retro-lounge boasts of really delectable food and eccentric beverages. Owning to their humongous popularity, the lounge extended its branches within Delhi NCR to Nehru Place and Noida. The distinctly antique interiors and exuberant vibe will surely have it visit again and again.
Lord of the Drinks | Image Source- Google

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