Forbes Asia Power Businesswomen 2022 List

3 Indian Businesswomen make it to Forbes Asia Power Businesswomen 2022 List; Check here

1 year ago

Ghazal Alagh, Soma Mondal, and Namita Thapar are among the 20 female business owners from Asia-Pacific who are guiding their organizations’ transition to a post-Covid era and thus make it to Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen 2022 list.

The annual Forbes Asia “Asia’s Power Businesswomen” list, which includes 20 women from the Asia-Pacific area, was unveiled on Tuesday. The list includes newcomers who have shown the potential to become trailblazers, honoring women who have been tirelessly striving to shift their businesses to the new normal following the pandemic.

In spite of the different challenges that businesses and economies have faced recently, the 20 women on the list have developed a variety of ways to assist their companies to achieve new heights. Some of these women work in industries that have been affected severely, like shipping, real estate, and construction, while others continue to develop in fields like technology, drugs, and commodities.

Ghazal Alagh, the co-founder of Honasa Consumer, which includes personal care brands Mamaearth, The Derma Co, Aqualogica, and Ayuga, is one of the three Indian businesswomen that appear on the list. Early this year, Alagh’s business, which she and her husband Varun co-founded in 2016, attained unicorn status.

The list also includes Soma Mondal, the first woman to lead the government-run Steel Authority of India Ltd. Since Mondal assumed control of the business in 2021, annual sales have increased by 50%, and earnings have increased by three times to Rs 120 billion.

Namita Thapar, one of the judges at Shark Tank India, and the executive director of Emcure Pharma’s India business is the third Indian on the list. Thapar has demonstrated her value as a savvy businesswoman while simultaneously establishing herself as an author, entrepreneurship coach, and host of the YouTube talk show “Unconditional Yourself with Namita Thapar,” which features professionals and famous guests discussing topics relating to women’s health.

Forbes Asia’s 20 Power Businesswomen list editor, Rana Wehbe Watson says: “Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen list this year highlights 20 executives and entrepreneurs who are leading their companies’ transition to a post-Covid era. Some of these women are thriving in male-dominated industries while others are running established family firms. Two have even launched successful businesses that were inspired by their journeys into motherhood.”

This year, the list includes three women each from India, Japan, Australia, and Indonesia, two each from South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand, and one each from Taiwan and China.

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