20 Tourist Places to visit in Bihar

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Bihar- an Indian state is famous for its history and religious places. The state is filled with Hindu God and Goddess stories, temples, historic places, and has a history of many kings and their dynasties. There are many places to visit in Bihar, but we have selected some best places that you must visit once.

Here is the list of places to visit in Bihar –

1. Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is one of the famous temples in Bihar, as this is the temple where Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree called the Bodhi tree. The temple is situated in Bodh Gaya Bihar. UNESCO World Heritage site, the temple is the ancient monument that has been rebuilt and restored. The architecture and design of the temple attract people around the world. The temple site consists of a yellow-painted sculpture of Buddha, a Bodhi tree, and a fish pond in the south of the temple. It is believed that Budhha has bathed there. The site also consists of a meditation park which is open from sunrise to sunset. Mahabodhi Temple is the pride of Bihar. It’s a peaceful place where people come from different countries to visit mostly in the search of Buddha’s history.      

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Mahabodhi temple

2. Srikrishna Science Centre

This most famous science centre located in Patna, capital of Bihar. The centre was named after the first chief minister of Bihar Sri Krishna Singh and was inaugurated on 14th April 1978. The science centre was established in order to promote critical thinking in students and also to increase knowledge about science among people. There are many facilities available in the centre such as 3D printing, broadband internet, and advanced labs. The centre has many galleries that teach different concepts of science. The centre has a Jurassic park with moving dinosaurs and has exhibits on oceans and Indian scientists.  

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Science Center

3. Barabar Caves

This is among most historical places in Bihar. Barabar caves are from the Mauryan period (322-185 BC) and it is located in the Jehanabad District of Bihar. The place is really amazing it consists of two chambers, the first one is a large rectangular hall meant for worshipping and the second one is a domed chamber which is small and circular meant for worship. These caves were deeply and finely cut during the Buddhism period in the second century. The cave is divided into three parts: one is Nagarjuna and the other two belonged to Pandavas. The place is historic and related to Hindu religion and ‘Puraan’, you must visit the place it will be an amazing experience.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Barabara caves

4. Nalanda

Nalanda is a small city of Bihar famous for its Buddhist sites and monuments. It was once a center for students and monks from all over the world. The history of Nalanda is very interesting and huge. That is why we get to see the proof of ancient stories here. It is also known as the birthplace of one of the followers of Lord Buddha named Sariputra. It is one of the best places to visit in Bihar as it has so many places to go and see their traditions and culture. Rajgir is the most famous place among tourists in Nalanda. The best time to visit Nalanda is in the month from January to February or from October to December as the weather of Bihar is moderate. It is one of the hubs for history-loving people.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Nalanda

5. Golghar

Golghar is basically a large granary situated in Gandhi Maidan, Patna. It was made for the prevention of famine in the state. It has a height of 29m and people can go at the top of the Golghar with the help of a spiral stairway which was earlier made for workers to load and unload the grain in granary. The top place gives an amazing and mesmerizing view of the whole city and the river Ganga. There’s is a myth that it is not filled to its maximum capacity till now because the doors are open from inwards. However, people have found that it also opens upwards. The main reason to visit this historical monument is to go up and enjoy the beautiful view.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Golghar

6. Great Buddha Statue

The Great Buddha is possibly the largest statue of Lord Buddha in India constructed on 18th November 1989 by the 14th Dalai Lama. Its total height is 80 feet from the lower pedestal to the top of Buddha. This statue made from sandstone and red granite blocks took 7 years in completion and 12000 workers. It is one of the many stops in Bodh Gaya, Bihar as a Buddhist pilgrimage. The statue has a hollow spiral staircase that goes from ground to the chest of Lord Buddha. There are several shelves on the interior walls which display 16,300 bronze images of Lord Buddha. People who visit Bodh Gaya come here for sure to see the biggest statue of Buddha.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Great Buddha statue

7. Takht Sri Patna Sahib

Takht Sri Patna Sahib is a famous Gurudwara located in Patna. Sri Patna Sahib also was known as Harmandir Sahib, the place was commemorated the birthplace of 10th Guru of Sikh, Guru Gobind Singh. The Gurudwara was built by the first Sikh emperor Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Gurudwara is one of the biggest Gurudwara of Sikhs, from different places people come to visit here. It’s a religious place, and you will have a great experience here. The place will take you to the culture of Punjab in Bihar. 

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Takht shri patna Sahib

8. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

The tomb of Sher Shah Suri construction started by Sher Shah and completed by his son Islam Shah three months after his death. The tomb is located in the Sasa Ram District of Bihar. It’s a beautiful place, as the tomb of Sher Shah is constructed in the middle of the excavated lake. The structure is made up of fine sandstone which promotes the beauty of the monument and gives an example of medieval architecture. The amazing architecture of the tomb will touch your heart.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | sher shah suri tomb

9. Patan Devi

The oldest and the most sacred temple of Patna is also known as Maa Patneshwari. The temple is famous for Goddess Durga. According to Ved-Puraan, ‘right thigh’ of the corpse of Devi Sati fallen here when Lord Vishnu chopped it off with his ‘Sudarshan Chakra’. Even there is a belief that Patna city is named after Badi Patan Devi Temple. At the time of Vijayadashmi, a Mela is held near the temple. On Saptami, Ashtami and Navami there is a crowd of over 600 people for the worship. It’s a must-visit place, a very religious and most famous temple in Bihar. 

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Patan devi

10. Rajgir hot spring

Rajgir is one of the most religious places mainly for Jainism and Buddhism followers. The place is located in Nalanda, Bihar. Rajgir Hot Spring has its spiritual significance in human life. Many of the tourists from all over the world travel to Rajgir to feel the true spirit. People from all religions visit with their families. The place is mostly known for God Gautam Buddha. Jainism and Buddhism followers repeatedly visit the place to worship their God. Most of the tourists visit Rajgir to take a bath in the hot spring. The place is most crowded during the winter season as the outside temperature is low and taking a bath in a hot spring makes visitors feel relaxed.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Rajgir hot springs

11. Vaishali

Vaishali is a small village located in the interior of Bihar. The place is known for the birthplace of Lord Mahavir. Vaishali is a religious place for Jain and Buddhists. Many of the Jainism and Buddhism followers from all over the world visit Vaishali to worship their God. Vaishali has a well-known history and many monuments as proof that defines the history of the place. It was believed that Vaishali is the first Republic of the world. Lord Buddha spends most of their time in Vaishali and also their last sermon was held there. It is the most attractive site for Buddhism followers. History defines the greatness and spirituality of the place.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Vaishali

 12. Bihar Museum

A history museum in Bihar in Bailey Road, Patna constructed in the year 2013 is a 25000 square meters concept made for the visitors to provide knowledge and information about ancient as well as modern history and civilization. It has several galleries like a children gallery, regional gallery, orientation gallery, historical art gallery, Bihari diaspora gallery, contemporary gallery, and visible storage gallery which exhibits different subjects. This museum has a large number of artifacts, some of them dating back to the 4th century and is a world-class place for history lovers.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar| Bihar Museum

13. Valmiki National Park

Valmiki National Park, Tiger Reserve, and Wildlife Sanctuary are located on Bihar-Nepal Border in the West Champaran district of India. It is the most famous and only National Park in Bihar. The National Park has all kinds of Fauna such as Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, and Butterflies. It also consists of many species of flora.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar| Valmiki National park

14. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

It is a zoo located near Bailey Road, Patna which is the most favorite picnic spot for people of Patna. First, in the year 1969, it was a botanical park, and then in the year 1973, it was opened for the public as a zoo. It has every type of herbivore and carnivore animals, reptiles, and birds.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | National Park

15. Funtasia Water Park

Funtasia Water Park is Bihar’s first amusement and water park located in Patna. It is an excellent destination and source of entertainment for people of all age groups. It is one of the best places in the city to have a break for a day and relax and enjoy several rides and other facilities like restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll enjoy it here as it has several activities that make your day and helps rejuvenate yourself.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | water park

16. ISKCON Temple Patna

ISKCON Temple also is known as Sri Radha Banke Bihari Ji Mandir, located in Patna Bihar. It is the largest Radha-Krishna temple in the entire Bihar and also the largest monument in Patna. Temple is divided into three parts Sri Gaur Nitai, Sri Sri Radha Banke Bihari Ji, and Sri Ram Durbar. It consists of 84 pillars and overall covers the area of 2 acres. It’s the biggest Hindu religious temple in Bihar and people come here from Bihar and all over India.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar| iskon temple

17. Patna Planetarium

It is one the oldest and largest well-maintained planetariums of Asia located in Indira Gandhi Science Complex, Patna. It was established on 20th July 1988 at a total cost of about 11 crores. Visitors are attracted by its exhibitions and regular film shows related to astronomy. Also popularly known as Taramandal, it showcases movies in a huge dome-shaped screen which gives an amazing feel of watching a sky full of stars, moons, and other celestial bodies. It is a must-go place for people who love the cosmos.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Patna planetarium

18. Ashoka stupa peak

It is one of the main attractions favored by tourists in Rajgir. It was made by Emperor Ashoka himself. It is situated at the top of the mountain where people can go from stairs as well as ropeways. It has a very beautiful and unique environment and you’ll love this place and want to visit again. From this place, there is an amazing view of the whole area and you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It is so well maintained and is one of the favorite places for not only visitors but also the local people living in that area.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Ashoka Stupa

19. Hanumaan Mandir

Also known as Mahavir Mandir, is one of the holiest temples located in Patna dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is the second-highest budget temple in North India after Maa Vaishno Devi shrine where millions of pilgrims visit the temple every year. It is just outside the railway station giving easy access to travelers to visit this temple. It is a place of great importance for Hindu pilgrimage and we can see a floating stone in water which reminds us of The Ramayana when Lord Hanuman and others made a bridge to Lanka. People visit here to find mental peace and inner strength and help build character.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Mahavir mandir

20. Sher Shah Suri Masjid

It is the tomb of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram, Bihar who died in an accidental gunpowder explosion in Kalinjar fort on 13th May 1545. He was the founder of the Suri Empire who defeated the Mughal Empire in northern India. This tomb is an excellent example of Indo-Islamic architecture made with red sandstone, popularly known as the second Taj Mahal of India.

Tourist Places to visit in Patna
Tourist Places to visit in Bihar | Sher Shah Suri masjid

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