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The financial capital of India, that is, Mumbai has a lot of extravagant events to offer. There are several events which are close to art and culture and it is sure to fascinate any type of crowds. Make sure you check out these events and their scheduled time table to not miss out on anything in the coming future.


The statehood of Maharashtra was attained on 1st May 1960. Mumbai being the capital city of Maharashtra hosts the annual celebration of “Maharashtra Day” which is held at Shivaji Park. After the speeches of dignitaries follows a ceremonial parade by the local police force, the traffic police and firefighter personnel.

The beautiful traditional dance form of Maharashtra, that is, ‘Lavani’ is performed to the intriguing beat of the ‘Dholki’ (hand drum).

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Maharashtra Day

This is the best day to visit Maharashtra to see the state in its entire cultural mode.


One of the most exciting and unique events, which has always attracted a huge number of crowds from different parts of the world is the “Kala Ghoda Arts Festival”. This event comes under the category of art and culture and will definitely not let you down. “Kala Ghoda Arts Festival” held between January and February.

Music, imaginative art installations, theatre, and dance performances are all the major attractions. There are numerous stalls put up for handloom clothes, traditional footwear, cloth sling bags, temporary tattoo stalls, food stalls, etc. There are several workshops organized as well, for instance, dance workshops, photography workshops, and so on. There are a number of programs to look for as well, such as discussions on urban design, children’s programs, and an immense number of activities to indulge in. There is no such entry fee.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Kala Ghoda Art festival

Expect a bustling crowd in this event as the number of people who come here every day is increasing each year.

For more information about this event, check their official website :


Bandra Fair is one of the beautiful events to attend. This is a week-long festival, held in Bandra, which is a hip suburb in Mumbai. Bandra is also home to one of the ancient churches, 18th century-year-old “Basilica of Our Lady” of the Mount which is also locally known as the “Mount Mary Church”. This is usually held in the month of September. This event is celebrated on the first Sunday after 8th September which is marked as the Virgin Mary’s birthday.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Bandra Fest

There are several amusement rides, concerts, street events, and delicious food stalls all down the lane for you to enjoy. The beautiful carnival atmosphere is sure to fascinate everyone who visits.


The annual MAMI Mumbai Film Festival is held in late October or early November which is organized by the Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI). This is one of the prestigious and celebrated events of the city. This eight-day festival portrays over 200 films, from indie cinemas to Bollywood and Hollywood classics. The screening takes place around the city in different multiplexes.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Mumbai Film festival

For more detailed information about the event check the official website :


The beautiful collection of 5th-century cave temples at Elephanta Caves which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is extremely fascinating. There are several traditional music forms from Folk music to Sufi music and dance forms organized here.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | elephanta Festival

This two-day event is usually held in late January or early February annually.


Every year the international as well as national literary stars land on the city for this enthralling “Mumbai International Literary Festival” which is also known as the “TATA Literature Live”. All Literature lovers should definitely visit this event to get exposure to an abundance of new information. “Mumbai International Literary Festival” is usually organized in the month of November.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Literary fest

Different panel discussions, book launches, autograph of your favourite author, different workshops for creative writing are all organized here.

There is no entry fee as such for this four-day annual event. This event is spread onto multiple venues so make sure you research well before heading here.

For more information check the official website link :


“Koli Seafood Festival” is a recent traditional event also known as the “Versova Fish Festival” – a treat for all the lovers of seafood. The Kolis are the fishermen community of Maharashtra who was the original inhabitants here and this celebration grants insight into their traditional way of preparing food which otherwise is not found in restaurants making it an authentic and relevant event to attend. This foodporn scenario is sure to fascinate you but also be informative enough about the culture here. This event usually takes place in the month of January.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | Koli Sea food festival

The best dishes to try in this event are ‘Bombil Pakoda’ which is a batter-fried Bombay duck fish, ‘Sol Kadi’ which is a coconut milk drink flavoured with mangosteen or kokum and ‘Bangda fry’ which is mackerel.


“Thespo’s Youth Theatre Festival” is one of the unique kinds of events in Mumbai. ‘The Youth Theatre Movement’ which took place in the year 1999 later evolved into one of the major platforms for portraying or showcasing different types of art forms by the people under the age of 25. This event usually takes place at the Prithvi Theatre which is located in the Northern suburbs of Mumbai. “Thespo’s Youth Theatre Festival” takes place in the month of December.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | youth theatre festival

Full length plays, workshops, live music, arts, readings, fringe performances, theatre games all fill up the whole week. The enthusiasm this place is filled with is totally astounding to experience.

For more information check the official website link:


The city’s premier theatre spot, that is, “The National Centre for the Performing Arts” (NCPA) turns into a jazz connoisseur’s dream. This three-day event includes international performing artists from Colombia, Cuba, Italy, Brazil, France, and so on. This is one of the best world-class events to attend if you are a jazz aficionado.

Events in Maharashtra
Events in Maharashtra | JAZZ FESTIVAL

The end of the event is marvelous jamming of all the bands together on the stage. This event is usually held in the month of November.

For more detailed information check the official website :


This venue in Pune hosts a plethora of events just for you. The events include concerts, poetry performances, shopping exhibitions, and so on. The concerts and poetry slams that take place here usually don’t require a registration fee. Other events might require a registration fee pertaining to the concerned organizer.

Events are held at Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park located in Pune.

Events in Maharashtra
Monalisa kalagram | Events in Maharashtra

Attending such events in your life will help you achieve more networking possibilities, inspiration, detailed knowledge of their culture and will also benefit you for gaining more insight into the traditional art forms to be specific.

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