10 gyms in India you should know about

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Well, it does not matter whether you are a gym freak or not but it’s a good thing that you take care of your health. That’s why we have researched about 10 coolest gyms in India that are one of its kind. Everyone needs some motivation once in a while and the gyms we’re going to talk are itself a motivation. The infrastructure and the types of equipment they provide are world-class and can encourage anyone.

Before moving forward let’s discuss the Importance of Gym

  • Physical benefits
  • Mental health benefits
  • Stress reliever
  • Increase body flexibility
  • Helps to make coordination
  • Boost immunity

To give you better quality workout in protected, hygienic, and best in the class environment, we have explored 10 best gyms in India.

Here we goes…


10 gyms in India
10 gyms in India

NITRRO bespoke fitness is one of the most luxurious gyms situated in MUMBAI, INDIA. This is not a gym but it’s a way of life. It’s an ISO certified 9001-2008 gym promoted by Bollywood actors and international athletes.

This club facilitates a wide range of international standard fitness facilities like outdoor swimming pool, cardio hub, strength training area, free weights, etc. It also offers different studios for Zumba, aerobics and yoga to enhance the workout capabilities of a person. They provide spa and sauna services and a cafeteria too.

Annual Membership Fees: decide on a request


10 gyms in India
10 gyms in India

GOLD GYM is the oldest and best in class equipment gym. Every gym freak should try once this workout station in life. GOLD GYM is a co-ed fitness center established by JOE GOLD in Venice Beach, California.

The gold gym is a chain of American international fitness hub in India. Every chain of this gym offers a great variety of cardio and strength training and group training program as well. Gold Gym chain has been spread across the globe. They provide world-class facilities that make them coolest gym chain ever. They provide Cardio club, HIIT center, spinning, Locker room facility, and primarily focused on planning the Fitness program according to an individual needs.

Annual membership fees: decide on a request

3. Alpha 7 seas

10 gyms in India
10 gyms in India

Alpha 7 seas are based in Mumbai. Their types of equipment and training techniques are scientifically proven. Their qualified coaches and personal trainers serve the scientific training method of workout. They help to develop mental, physical, and social strength. Any kind of body transformation program of weight gain or weight loss, you will get under one roof.  The main motto of alpha 7 seas is to develop physical strength and conditioning of the body.

Their scientific training programs can motivate any lazy person to workout once here.

Annual membership fees: decide on activities


10 gyms in India
10 gyms in India

Fitness first platinum is situated at the south point mall, Gurugram. It is endowed with the latest techniques of training, including functional freestyle training and a wide range of groups exercise classes.  The fitness first platinum trainers and instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They support their members at every step of fitness goals.

They not only provide group exercise programs even they offer several other programs such as dance, yoga classes, mixed martial arts, etc.

Annual membership fees: decide on a request


10 gyms in India
10 gyms in India

C B Patel health club in Surat is designed for elite fitness experience and lifestyle fitness. If you want to workout with high octane adventure then this place is for you.

If you want to experience sports and adventures like Olympic size swimming pool, tennis academy, outdoor drill activities then this, this health club is for you. This gym is spread over 2,00,000 sq. ft. and this is one of the largest gyms in India ever.

Their premium amenities such as personal nutritionist, sauna, body analysis, live DJ, steam, poolside relaxation, and many more can motivate you to be a member of the gym. This is the most luxurious fitness center of the C B Patel group.

Annual membership fees: depends on activities you join  

6. OTwo Gym ‘n’ spa

10 fitness club in India
10 fitness club in India

OTwo Gym ‘n’ spa is one of the best gyms in Gurugram. The gym is founded by Mr. JatinderSingh and Mr. YatinderSingh in 2007. This gym is known for its efficient management and a great environment that makes you feel like home. Facilities provided by them are skilled and proficient trainers, Professional approach to fitness, Latest and advanced types of equipment and Convenient location.

Annual membership fees: depends on activities you join

7. The Outfit Gym

10 fitness club in India
10 fitness club in India

The main motto of the outfit gym is to make their members fit they have ever been. The Outfit gym gives a training regimen that will work on your Strength (Powerlifting), Endurance (Metabolic conditioning/outdoor running), Power (Olympic lifting), Speed (Outdoor sprinting), Mobility (Gymnastics), Flexibility (Monitored Stretching). The outfit gym is based in Bengaluru.

Annual membership fees:  depends on activities you join

8. Reebok Crossfit gym

10 fitness club in India
10 fitness club in India

The Reebok Crossfit Gym is located in DLF city phase-1, gurugram

Facilities provided by Reebok Crossfit Gym are

  • Locker room facility
  • Aerobics session
  • Cafeteria
  • Tv screens
  • Dance floor
  • Spinning studio
  • Parking facility

This is one of the greatest and best Crossfit training centers in Gurugram, they mainly focus on endurance training and stamina building and they also offer aerobics studio with a big tv screen. This gym is sponsored by REEBOK itself. If someone is looking for an intense workout then this club is for them.

Annual membership fees: depends on activities you join

9. Steel gym

10 fitness club in India
10 fitness club in India

This gym is located in jubilee hills, Hyderabad. Services offered by steel gym are that they open the gym even on the weekend, it means you can do exercise in the steel gym even on Sunday. They offer personal trainer services for their premium members. They are best known for their special types of equipment like dip station and hammer strength machine.


  • Music and entertainment
  • Locker and shower
  • Steam and sauna
  • Parking

Annual membership fees: depends on activities you joi

10. Talwalkars Gym

Talwalkar’s gym is India’s largest chain of fitness centers in the world. The equipment available at their center in Hyderbad is world-class with additional facilities such as cardio training, weight training, steam/sauna, aerobics, yoga, spin-cycle studio, and full spa facilities.

10 fitness club in India
10 fitness club in India

Annual membership fees: decide on a request

So these were some of the best gym and fitness training center in India. If you are a gym or fitness freak, then once in a lifetime you should visit these training centers to know about their fitness programs.

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