Food of Tripura – 8 famous food of Tripura

3 years ago

Tripura is also known as “Queen of Eastern Hills.” The royalty of Tripura is reflected in its cultural and climatic diversity as well as on the food habit of tribal and non-tribal people of Tripura. Tripura is famous for its food culture as the main ingredients of Tripura cuisine are rice, fish, chicken, mutton, and pork.

Here are some traditional foods of Tripura – 

  • Mui Borok – Mui Borok is the traditional dish of Tripura. This dish is prepared from the staple ingredient of Tripura that is Berma. Berma is a bit salty and a little bit spicy dried and fermented fish, cooked without oil, and extremely healthy.
Food of Tripura
Mui Borok | Food of Tripura
  • Kosai Bwtwi – Kosai Bwtwi is prepared using Berma, the fermented fish, chopped onions, green chili, tofu pieces, garlic cloves, salt, and turmeric powder. Khundrupui leaves are also added to enhance the flavor of Kosai Bwtwi. 
Cuisine of Tripura
Kosai Bwtwi | Food of Tripura
  •  Wahan Mosdeng – WahanMosdeng is one of the traditional dishes of Tripura prepared with pork, onion, coriander leaves, and green chili. The addition of Green chili and local spices made this dish more delightful and lip-smacking. 
Tripura dishes
Wahan Mosdeng | Food of Tripura
  • Gudok – Gudok is the traditional dish prepared by boiling vegetables and fermented fish. This dish is prepared and served during special occasions and festivals. 
Food of Tripura
Gudok | Food of Tripura
  • Chuak – Chuak is the traditional rice beer of Tripura. The beer is prepared by fermenting the rice. This drink is served on special occasions and festivals of Tripurians. It has its various versions such as Mami rice, pineapple, jack fruit, etc. Chuak is one of the safest alcohol drinks in the world. 
Tripura dishes
Chuak | Food of Tripura
  • Mosdeng Serma – Mosdeng Serma is the tomato chutney prepared with Berma, red chili, and garlic. This spicy and tangy chutney enhances the flavors of other dishes also. 
Food of Tripura
Mosdeng Serma | Food of Tripura
  • Bhangui – Bhangui is a rice dish prepared with the rice boiled with ghee, ginger, and onion. The dish is prepared on Banana leaf to keep intact its nutrients.
Tripura dishes
Bhangui | Food of Tripura
  • Panch Phoron Tarkari – Panch Phoron Tarkari is a Bengali dish prepared using vegetables like brinjal, pumpkins,  potatoes, red chili, bay leaves, green chili, and turmeric powder. This dish is a combination of five spices and served with paratha or puri.  
Food of Tripura
Panch Phoron Tarkari | Food of Tripura

All these are famous food of Tripura,  you will fall in love with the state of Tripura after eating all these delicacies. 

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