Food of Odisha – 22 famous dishes of Odisha

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Odisha is known as “the soul of India,” because of its exotic cultures, architectural brilliance, and beautiful natural landscapes. Odisha is equally known for its cuisine also. Odisha is also called as ‘the Goa of Eastern India’ due to its distinctive style of food. 

Here are the 22 famous dishes of Odisha – 

  • Khicede – Khicede is the traditional dish of Odisha served as prasad in Lord Jagannath temple. It is prepared with equal proportions of rice and lentils with some light spices in it. Khicede is one of the best soothing foods not only in Odisha but also in other states of India. 
 Food of Odisha
Khicede | Food of Odisha
  • Chungdi Malai – Chungdi Malai is the delicious dish cooked using prawns, coconut milk, and light local spices. This dish is garnished with coriander and served with the basmati rice.  
Odisha dishes
Chungdi Malai | Food of Odisha
  • MachaGhanta – Macha Ghanta is the traditional food of Odisha served to Goddess Durga on Dussehra. This dish is one of the staple dishes of Odisha prepared using fish and cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, and other spices. It is served with rice and salad. 
Cuisine of Odisha
Macha Ghanta | Food of Odisha
  • Dalma – Dalma is the iconic cuisine of Odisha using roasted moong dal and a plentiful amount of vegetables like papaya, pumpkin, yam, etc. This delicious and classic dish is prepared without onion or garlic and served with hot rice. 
 Food of Odisha
Dalma | Food of Odisha
  • Pakhala Bhata – Pakhala Bhata is the staple dish during lunch in Odisha. Prepared from rice soaked in curd and water, served with fried fish, potatoes, Badi Choora, and papad. This dish is the famous and main dish of Odisha. 
Odiya dishes
Pakhala Bhat | Food of Odisha
  • Gupchup – Gupchup is also known as puchka in Bengal, golgappa in the north, and panipuri in western India. This dish consists of crunchy balls of maida, atta, or suji filled with chana masala and dipped in spicy Jaljeerapani. 
 Food of Odisha
Gupchup | Food of Odisha
  • Chhena Poda – Chhena Poda is the cheesecake of Odisha prepared from home-made cottage cheese, sugar syrup, and semolina. This dish has a unique taste and is found in every nook and corner of Odisha. 
Dishes of Odisha
Chhena Poda | Food of Odisha
  • Rasabali – Rasabali is a sweet dish that has been originated from the Kendrapapa district in Odisha. Rasabali dish is soaked in thick flavored milk and garnished with cardamom. 
Cuisine of odisha
Rasabali | Food of Odisha
  • Kanika – Kanika is a traditional and famous sweet pulao dish offered as one of the 56 ChappanBhog dishes. It is prepared with aromatic basmati rice, cashew, raisins, and ghee. This dish is served with chicken and mutton gravy. 
Famous dish of Odisha
Kanika | Food of Odisha
  • Pilaf – Pilaf is the famous rice dish of Odisha prepared by saute rice with oil, mixed spices to get pungent texture. This dish is also prepared in different varieties by adding vegetables, dry fruits, and meat.
 Food of Odisha
Pilaf | Food of Odisha
  • Santula – Santula is one of the traditional dishes of Odisha, made with raw papaya, brinjal, tomato, and flavorful spices. Santula has high nutritional value. 
 Food of Odisha
Santula | Food of Odisha
  • Chaatu Rai – Chaatu Rai is the traditional dish of Odisha, also known as Chaatu Besara prepared with tomatoes, mushrooms, turmeric, and mustard paste.  The dish is usually made during special occasions and festivals only. This dish is a healthy one as it is full of vegetables and has a high nutritional value. 
Dish of odisha
Chhatu Rai | Food of Odisha
  • Aloo Potala Rasa – Aloo Potala Rasa is the dish of potatoes, diced pointed gourd, spices, and sauteed bay leaves. This dish is one of the famous and most elegant dishes of Odisha. 
 Food of Odisha
Aloo Potala Rasa | Food of Odisha
  • Kadali Manja Rai – Kadali Manja Rai is the lip-smacking dish prepared with banana stem, cardamom, cumin, and garlic cloves. It is best served with rice, coriander, and red chili. 
 Food of Odisha
Kadali Manja Rai | Food of Odisha
  • Besara – Besara is the most simple, yet delicious dish of Odisha. This dish is prepared with pumpkin, potato, papaya, banana, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and dry chili. 
Cuisine of Odisha
Besara | Food of Odisha
  • Khattas – Odisha has a wide variety of Khatta in its cuisine like KhajurKhatta, Tomato Khatta, Mango Khatta, and Dahi Nadia. In all the Khattas, ingredients like tomato, green chili, turmeric powder, oil, salt, and punch-phutana are common. It is served with steamed rice and fried green chili. 
 Food of Odisha
Khattas | Food of Odisha
  • Chakuli Pitha – Chakuli Pitha is a cereal steamed cake prepared from black gram cereal. This dish is one of the special delicacies of Odisha made in many variations, such as podapitha, kakarapitha, etc. 
 Food of Odisha
Chakuli Pitha | Food of Odisha
  • Chaula Bara – Chaula Bara is a dish prepared with rice, urad dal, carom seeds, cumin seeds, salt, pepper, coriander leaves, and a pinch of baking soda. These are crispy balls served with a tangy chutney. 
 Food of Odisha
Chaula Bara | Food of Odisha
  • Khaja – Khaja is one of the most delicious dishes of the city Puri in Odisha prepared with refined wheat flour mixed with sugar and fried in oil. This dish is served as a prasad in the Lord Jagannath temple.  
Cuisine of Odisha
Khaja | Food of Odisha
  • Gajja – Gajja is a traditional dessert that has various varieties like Chhena Gajja, Khasta Gajja, Khira Gajja, etc. It is fried and soaked in sugar syrup to make it sweet.
 Food of Odisha
Gajja | Food of Odisha
  • Palua Ladu – Palua Ladu is the famous sweet dish of Odisha originated from the Bhadrak district. This dish includes refined flour, Paula, semolina, water, oil, sugar, and a pinch of baking soda. It is the traditional dish of the state. 
 Food of Odisha
Palua Ladu | Food of Odisha
  • Odisha Rasagolla – Odisha cuisine is incomplete without Odisha Rasagolla. It’s a sweet dish prepared with chhena and dipped in a pot of sugar syrup. It is also served in Puri Jagannath Temple as a prasad. 
 Food of Odisha
Odisha Rasagolla | Food of Odisha

The soul of India, Odisha has a unique variety of dishes that will make you fall in love with them. So, visit Odisha and taste the lip-smacking dishes of the state. 

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