Food of Goa – 18 delicious food from Goa cuisine

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Goa is known for its climate as well as for its unique style of food, flavours, and spices. The most famous food of Goa’s people is rice and fish curry.

Before 1961, Goa was a Portuguese colony, that’s why Goa’s food is highly influenced by the Portuguese.  

 Coconut, rice, fish, pork, meat, and kokum are common ingredients in every dish of Goa cuisine. Goa people have a tradition of distributing food among neighbours, especially during festivals or occasions.

Here is the list of 18 delicious food of Goa that you must try when you visit Goa.

  • Goan Fish Curry – Goan Fish Curry is the traditional dish of Goa and is also known as XittCoddi in Konkani. This dish can be cooked using different fishes, but mackerel is one of the favorites, and the curry is of yellowish-red in color due to chili and turmeric. It is served with steamed rice.
Food of Goa
Goan Fish Curry | Food of Goa
  • Shark Ambot Tik – Shark Ambot Tik is the sour and spicy curry. A combination of red chilies and kokum, mixed with tomatoes, onions, and masala powder is used to make sauce. Shark is the main ingredient of the dish, but sometimes fish can also be used at the place of shark.
Cuisines of Goa
Shark Ambot Tik | Food of Goa
  • Chicken Xacuti – Chicken Xacuti is the most royal delicacy of Goan cuisine. Xacuti is a curry made with roasted and grated coconut, coconut milk, peri-peri chili, tomato, potato, pineapple, guava, cashews, and a drop of green, red, orange, all sort of colors. The vegetarian version of Xacuti is best to eat with staple rice and the traditional drink, Solkadi.
Goa dishes
Chicken Xacuti | Food of Goa
  • Goan Pork Vindaloo – Goan Pork Vindaloo is a favorite dish all over Goa and also famous in England. Vindaloo is the combination of two Portuguese words that is “Vin” refers to vinegar, and “Ahlo” means garlic. This dish consists of pork, onions, chillies, garlic, vinegar, and local spices.
Food of Goa
Goan Pork Vindaloo | Food of Goa
  • Sorpotel – Sorpotel is the famous dish of Goa as well as Portuguese and Brazil too. This dish is a mixture of meat and offal in a spicy sauce that includes cinnamon, chili, and cloves.
Goa dishes
Sorpotel | Food of Goa
  • Feijoada – Feijoada is the dish given by Portuguese, but it has been experimented and spiced up with local herbs and ingredients of Goa. GoanFeijoada includes coconut milk, tamarind, and traditional pork and beans.
Food of Goa
Feijoada | Food of Goa
  • Chicken Cafreal – Chicken Cafreal has its origin from Africa, made from coriander, lime, green chilies, peppercorns, and mint. It can either be cooked in an oven or pan-roasted. It is usually served with a green salad.
Goa Cuisine
Chicken Cafreal | Food of Goa
  • Sorak – Sorak is a vegetarian curry consists of spicy masala with onions and tomatoes. It is served with steamed rice or dry fish. Sorak is usually made during the monsoon season in Goa.
Goa food
Sorak | Food of Goa
  • Samarachi Kodi – Samarachi Kodi is a dry prawn curry, made using dry prawns, onion, coconut, tamarind, coconut milk, and tomato with a spicy masala. It is served with rice and pickle and can also be made using Bombay ducks instead of prawns.
Food of Goa
Samarachi Kodi | Food of Goa
  • Prawns Xeque Xeque – Prawns Xeque Xeque is the unique dish prepared using prawns, coconut milk, tomatoes, green chilies, and onions. This dish is served with Sannas, dosa, or fugias.
Prawns Xeque Xeque | Food of Goa
  • Patolea – Patolea is a sweet dish that can be eaten along with tea. Patolea dish is made with Goan red rice, tamarind leaves, filling of coconut, Goan jaggery, and cardamom. The filling is stuffed inside the leaves, wrapped, and boiled the leaves.
Food of Goa
Patolea | Food of Goa
  • Crab Xacuti – Crab Xacuti is the famous dish of Goa. This dish is similar to the Chicken Xacuti, but in this crab is used instead of chicken. In this, eggs may be added to the curry to make it thick and consistent.
Food of Goa
Crab Xacuti | Food of Goa
  • Bebinca – Bebinca is the only dessert that is originated in Goa by Sister Bibiana. Bebinca consists of 7 layers that represent the seven hills of Lisbon. It is a popular dish that is commonly found during Christmas and prepared with flour, coconut milk, sugar, butter, ghee, and eggs.
Dishes of Goa
Bebinca | Food of Goa
  • Fish Recheado – Fish Recheado got its name from Portuguese word Recheado that means stuffed. This dish is prepared with fish stuffed with a Recheado masala, a quite spicy and flavourful spice.
Food of Goa
Fish Recheado | Food of Goa
  • Goan Khatkhate – Goan Khatkhate is the vegetable soup of toor dal, chana dal, carrots, potatoes, green beans, and drumsticks. Spicy coconut paste is made using Kashmiri red chili, grated coconut, and other spices. It is served with rice by adding ghee in it.
Food of Goa
Goan Khatkhate | Food of Goa
  • Sannas – Sanna is a spongy steamed rice cake also known as idli. It is served with Goan Pork Sorpotel Curry. Sannas has a sweet version also prepared from jaggery and called GodachiSanna.
Goa dishes
Sannas | Food of Goa
  • Kulkul – Kulkul is the traditional dish of Goa made during Christmas using maida and semolina. Kulkul are rolled deep-fried small balls soaked in sugar syrup.
Cuisine of Goa
Kulkul | Food of Goa
  • Perad – Perad is also known as Guava Cheese. It is made with the guava pulp by cooking with sugar and ghee. After cooling the mixture, it is cut into pieces. This dish is also prepared during Christmas.
Food of Goa
Perad | Food of Goa

Goa, the tourist land is filled with flavourful and lip-smacking dishes. So, whenever you visit Goa, check out all the delicious dishes of Goa. 

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