Zomato Gaurav gupta Quits

Zomato Cofounder Gaurav Gupta Quits after 6 years; sent thank you mail to everyone at Zomato

2 years ago

Gaurav Gupta, who was associated with the food tech company Zomato for the last 6 years, has left the company. Gaurav Gupta was the co-founder of the company. Gaurav Gupta played a big role in the planning during Zomato’s recent Initial Public Offer (IPO).

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal said that the journey of the last 6 years with Gaurav Gupta has been wonderful. Today we have come a long way because of this association. He wrote on Twitter, ‘I wish you all the best for your future, and both will continue to be good friends in the future.

Deepinder Goyal says that Zomato along with Gaurav Gupta has made it easy for the company to reach this point. Gaurav Gupta had joined Zomato in the year 2015.

Gaurav Gupta was made the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company in the year 2018. After that, in view of Gaurav Gupta’s role in the company, he was given the status of co-founder of Zomato in the year 2019.

It is worth noting that the Zomato company has knocked in the stock market this year. Gaurav Gupta was instrumental in launching the company’s IPO. However, for what reason Gaurav Gupta has left the company, has not been disclosed.

Zomato had decided to exit from the grocery and nutraceutical business only last week. At the same time, due to delays in order supply, poor customer experience, and increasing competition, Zomato decided to exit the grocery business also.

Earlier today, Gaurav Gupta (Co-founder, and Head of Supply) sent the following email to everyone at Zomato regarding his quit  

I am in love with Zomato and will always be. Came in 6 years back not knowing what this would turn out to be. And what a mind blowing and amazing journey this has been. Feel proud of where we are today, what we have overcome to get here and feel even more proud of what we will achieve in the future.

I have always been asked this question – where does all this energy come from and what keeps you going? Answer is simple and very unique to us – from all you amazing people and how this bunch comes together to create magic.

I am taking a new turn in my life and will be starting a new chapter, taking a lot from this defining chapter of my life – the last 6 years at Zomato. We have a great team now to take Zomato forward and it’s time for me to take an alternate path in my journey. I am very emotional as I write this and don’t think any words can do justice to how I am feeling right now. 

I couldn’t have asked for more – I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had and thankful to all the folks around me for helping me become a much better person. I won’t be able to stay away from all of you and you will see me around and in action every once in a while. How can I not be there for the town halls – aisa to ho hi nahin sakta  

Thank you Deepi for making me a part of this journey. I will always cherish the amazing times we have had together. I have learnt a lot from you all along and I know in my heart that you will take Zomato to heights that most cannot even imagine.

A big hug to MG (Mohit Gupta), Akshant, Akriti and RG (Rahul Ganjoo) for being such amazing pals on this journey. 

Love you all. Do what you do best – create magic. Super proud of all of you. 



Seema Jain

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