solar heated militray tent

World’s first solar-heated military tent innovated by Sonam Wangchuk for Indian Army

1 year ago

Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian engineer turned education reformer has innovated a SOLAR HEATED MILITARY TENT for Indian soldiers. The idea behind Ladakh Tent is to provide comfort to soldiers who are stationed in the midst of cold winter on the Ladakh Siachen border. Wangchuk has shared the video and pictures of the solar-heated Military tent on social media.

In the cold weather of Galwan valley and Ladakh, Indian troops have to wear heavy shoes and clothes to protect themselves from the cold and they majorly depend on burning diesel, kerosene, or wood. The burning of these fuels causes pollution and affects climate change.

Sonam Wangchuk Solar Heated Military Tent said in a tweet that the temperature inside the tent remains higher than the temperature outside the tent. The specialty of this solar-heated military tent is that it works with the help of solar energy. Solar energy doesn’t affect the environment and it is a renewable source of energy too.

About 10 people can live comfortably inside this Ladakh tent. Along with this, it is portable also. That is, the entire tent can be uprooted and taken anywhere. The weight of a tent is less than 30 kg. This tent (SOLAR HEATED MILITARY TENT) is completely made in India. They have built this tent in Ladakh. Hence, it is called the Ladakh tent.

Watch How Solar Heated Tent Works Here

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