Winter Care: Body, Health & Soul

3 years ago

Winter is the favorite season of almost all of us, as it reminds us of snow in hills, getting cosy in our bed and blanket, sipping hot cup of our favorite beverages in cold winter nights etc. But it is also the season in which we need to put some extra care of our body, health and soul. Therefore we have listed few tips here, following of which with discipline is going to sort your life these winters.
Here you go.

1. Take Quick Showers: Often in winters, once we ended up in the bathroom to take a shower, we don’t feel like coming out of the stream of lukewarm water flowing over our head. But, that’s what makes our skin dry. Therefore switch to shorter and lukewarm water filled baths or showers in winter.

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2. Nourish your Skin: Make sure you keep your favourite lotions or cold cream handy to you by keeping them on office desks or in your bag wherever you go, so that you keep on giving the dose of nourishment that your body requires.

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3. Dress Warm and Bright: To keep one’s skin away from damp and dry, one must wear light, loose and bright colours clothes in winters, as bright colours are good observant of heat and they keep us warm. Also, it is extremely essential to wear comfortable and loose clothes as it helps the lotion to stay stick more to body and less to clothes, and prevents from dry patches.


4. Eat Winter’s Comfort Food: Another happy reason of winter being the favourite season of all of us, is the rich and delicious food it brings with it. It is that time of the year when we get to eat our favourite comfort foods such as dry fruits, nuts, jaggery, soup delicacies, hot chocolates and beverages etc. But, what we have to keep in check is the quantity of such foods as excess of them makes us obese or fat.

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5. Run, Mediate and Relieve Stress: It is extremely essential to run, jog or walk during winters as excess of heavy foods that we consume needs usage as well, which can be given by moving our bodies and meditation is a good way of removing stress, needs no explanations.

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6. Say Cheers to Water: One of the major health problems we all get to face in winters is dehydration. Dehydration is a state when our body feels less hydrated and that generally happens because we consume excess of caffeine in winters. Therefore, stick to 7 to 8 ounces or litres of lukewarm water flavoured with ginger, honey, cinnamon etc. to keep it clean and detox it from inside.
Happy Winters!
Stay Warm, Stay Healthy!!!

Sakshi Narang 

Manager – Communication & Editorial

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