Why World Environment Day is celebrated???

3 years ago

On 5th June every year, to promote awareness and action for saving the planet Earth, the world celebrates World Environment Day. World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972. Issues like Air pollution, water pollution, global warming, sustainable development, and consumption are some of the major issues that are focused upon by the UN on this day. Every year there is a new focus for world environment day and this 2019 year theme is Beat Air pollution. This is an action call to combat the consequences of Air Pollution.

Air pollution can’t be seen but it is present everywhere. It is affecting our health and the environment badly. If we look for the causes of air pollution, indoor and outdoor activities both play an important role in raising the air pollutants level. Households chores like the burning of fossil fuels, wood and other biomass, vehicles, industries harmful gases, agriculture waste, and open waste burning and organic waste in landfills are all causes air pollution.

Thus, to educate the people on environmental issues and encouraging them to adopt that methods and techniques that are useful for all. Because saving our Earth from depletion is our major responsibility being a human creature. The future of our planet is entirely in our hands and it is about time we realize the severity of the situation.

Seema Jain

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