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WhatsApp Update: Users can now create their own avatars like Facebook and Instagram

1 year ago

WhatsApp has updated the new feature of Avatar for its users. Users create their avatars on Facebook and Instagram, and now they will also be able to create their avatars on WhatsApp. With this feature, not only users can create their own avatars but also share these avatars with their friends.

Where users can use this avatar:

  • Users can use this avatar as their WhatsApp profile photo (WhatsApp DP). 
  • Also, users can use this avatar in chatting as a chat sticker. 

Feature options to create an avatar on WhatsApp:

Options are-

  • color
  • outfit
  • hairstyle
  • facial features

In addition to that, Users also get 36 custom avatar sticker options along with glasses and body shapes. By using these options, Users can create and also edit according to their desired avatar. 

Giving an update on the new feature of WhatsApp, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook account – We are bringing avatars to WhatsApp! You can now use your avatar as a sticker in chat. More styles are coming soon to all of our apps.

Shruti Jain

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