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WhatsApp imposes a new limit on message forwarding

2 years ago

Whatsapp a well-known instant messaging application is now limiting the message forwarding ratio Whatsapp has taken this step to stop the spreading of false news of coronavirus over the application. Now Whatsapp users can only forward a message to one chat at a time.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have applied total lockdown due to which people are unable to meet up with their friends and family, so people majorly rely on Whatsapp to communicate with each other.

To decrease the rate of spreading false information regarding COVID-19, Whatsapp has imposed the new limits on message forwarding. The limits set on message forwarding to constrain virality that can lead to a 25% decrease in message forwarding globally at a time.

In a statement, WhatsApp released on 7th April noted that Whatsapp team is trying hard to keep Whatsapp running reliable during this unprecedented global crisis.


To connect with people and provide them information, Whatsapp works directly with NGOs and government organizations including the WHO and some national health ministries. These trusted authorities together sent hundreds of millions of messages directly to people requesting information and advice.

Deepak Kumar

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