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Whastapp and Facebook Messenger under attacked by Wolfrat Malware

3 years ago

We see in our daily about cybercrimes are increasing at a significant rate. The hackers try to steal users data from smartphones and computer, there are many news about hackers trying to steal data by a malware attack and there is now another news related to this has come forward, the news is about the malware attack on messaging app like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is in a cyber attack. The messaging app WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger app have been targeted through WolfRAT Android malware. With the help of this malware, photos, messages and audio recordings in the phones of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users are being accessed.

Researchers at Cisco Talos, have reported the information about WolfRAT malware. Researchers claim that this malware is reaching the phone via a flash update on Google Play-Store. Through this malware, users’ phones can also be taken on a remote control, although it has not yet been revealed how many users have been targeted through this malware.

Researchers say that WolfRAT is a remote access trojan (RAT) that is an upgraded version of DenDroid. According to Wikipedia, Dendroid is an old malware, It was first discovered in early of 2014 by Symantec and appeared in the underground for sale for $300. When the dendroid first discovered in 2014 it was one of the most sophisticated Android remote administration tools known at that time.

The report states that the new malware appears to be linked to the infamous Wolf Research organization and targets Android devices located in Thailand. WolfRAT malware has been seen recording screen records during WhatsApp messaging. The report also claimed that this malware was created by a company called Wolf Research, which is known to make espionage malware. This malware is also capable of stealing data from the phone’s network.

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