webinar on Instagram Marketing

Webinar on Instagram Marketing to be held at Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing

2 years ago

HiDM- Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing, a premier institute in Haryana for Digital Marketing going to organize a Webinar on Instagram Marketing on June 11.

HiDM- the best institute for Digital Marketing in Hisar under its SAP (Students Activities and Program) section going to hold a webinar on Instagram Marketing in which a brief about social media marketing, Instagram account management, Instagram ads, and types of Instagram ads will be discussed. The webinar will be host by Nishant Verma, a HiDM Student under the guidance of his mentor and coach Er. Manmohan Singla.

webinar on Instagram Marketing | online Digital Marketing in Hisar
webinar on Instagram Marketing

In this unprecedented time of COVID 19, HiDM is also providing an online Digital marketing course in Hisar with several benefits like live project training and internship facility. Digital marketing has become as important for any business as oxygen to human life. The businesses that are digitally active are growing much better than those which are not. Digital Marketing is an easy way to get connected with your customers along with a high return on investment.

Online Digital Marketing Course in Hisar
Online Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

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32 thoughts on “Webinar on Instagram Marketing to be held at Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing”

  1. Digital marketing is a must in today’s time if you want to promote your business and take it to new heights. And webinars like this help in understanding the fundamentals of social media marketing. Really looking forward to join this webinar and learn all about digital marketing.

  2. This is really very good opportunity to student’s and those want to promote their business on line i also wants to be a part of this

  3. Great i am looking for some one teach me who to promote my business on line and get traffic on my shop. I also want to learn digital marketing

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  5. It’s a really good and very knowledgeable academy program.this is best webinar on instagram marketing held in hisar first time. I must say to all those want to take their business to the next level they should join it.

  6. It’s is very important topic and I want to join this best webinar on Instagram marketing held in hisar. because I also want to promote my business though digital marketing.

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  10. I want to part of this webinar on instagram marketing. And learn digital marketing to promote my business online.

  11. I am a digital marketer too. I must say that it’s a very knowledgeable and informative webinar on instagram marketing held at hisar will be present by hisar institute of digital marketing

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