Visa Free Entry in Malaysia

Visa-Free Entry: Malaysia to allow Visa-Free Entry to Indians from December 1

6 months ago

According to Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia will begin granting visa-free access to Chinese and Indian citizens for stays of up to 30 days beginning December 1.

Mr Anwar made the announcement late on Sunday during a speech at the People’s Justice Party congress, but he did not specify how long the visa exemption would be in effect.

Malaysia is counting on extra tourist arrivals — and their spending — to support economic growth. Anwar last month announced plans to improve visa facilities next year to encourage the entry of tourists and investors, “especially from India and China

Similar measures were introduced by neighboring Thailand this year to promote its critical tourism sector and invigorate its stagnant economy, with Chinese and Indian nationals among those exempted.

Seema Jain

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