Virender Sehwag Revealed that a character of Ramayana was the Inspiration of his Batting

Virender Sehwag Revealed that a character of Ramayana was the Inspiration of his Batting

2 years ago

The 21-day lockdown in India has been done to win the war against the coronavirus. Meanwhile, people are asked to stay at home, as social distancing is necessary to avoid infection with this virus. To make people stay at home, DD National started airing the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. Meanwhile, former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has revealed that one of the characters of Ramayana was the inspiration of his batting.

Virender Sehwag has said that the inspiration of his batting is actually Angad, a character of Ramayana. Virender Sehwag shared two pictures on his official Twitter account on Sunday night, in which no one is able to shake Angad’s leg. This episode of Ramayana was aired on Doordarshan on Sunday night in which Bali’s son Angad had set his foot in the assembly of Ravana, which the mighty demons could not even move.

Virender Sehwag shared two pictures of Angad’s foothold, captioned, “From where I drew my batting inspiration. It’s hard not to move, it’s impossible. Angadji rocks” This scene is from that time. When Lord Shriram sends Angad to Lanka as his peace envoy for the war treaty, but Ravana refuses to enter into a treaty, Angad challenges the entire assembly of Ravana, whoever demon shakes my leg, then Ram’s defeat will be accepted.

However, Angad’s leg was unable to move and when Ravana came to shake the leg, Angad lifted his leg and said that if he wants to hold the feet, then grab Lord Rama’s feet and he will forgive you. Virender Sehwag has done something similar in the cricket world. Whenever Virender Sehwag hit the crease, he used to play big innings raining fours and sixes. Virender Sehwag is the only batsman in India to score two triple centuries in Test cricket.

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