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Understanding Violence : Image Via Internet

Violence basically is the deliberate knee jerk actions ruling the situation through a human who is either prone to such triggers or sometimes happens unconsciously due to mental illness or by accident.

Violence is defined in the World report on violence and health (WRVH), as:

“the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either result in or have a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.”

The most common description of violence could be penalizing pain through verbal or physical acts that are destructive. There are numerous types of violence that are prevailing in this multicultural world. The major ones are racial, sexual, domestic, and mob attacks. Violence could be brought to control but could not be eradicated forever. The interaction and occurrence of violence can be due to irritation, exposure to violent behavior since childhood, frustration, tending to see people’s actions as hostile while they are not, violence in the home, violence in the neighborhood, and many more contributing environmental factors. This violence can be categorized into three parts as well, murder, assault, and rape which falls under self – directed, interpersonal and collective violence.

This representation can be a perfect illustration of the same to understand the interaction of violence in the society.

Types of Violence : Picture via Internet

Today, in the given scenario, even social media has contents that are feeding onto hatred and rage among people. There are several games that fall into this category which is considered to be channelizing the minds of humans.

The expression of aggression has affected many civilizations since ages. The record of political and religious wars are endless. The ones who resort to violence may justify their actions with gourmet reasons and excuses yet in the end, it is all about one’s personal perception which welcomes such behavior. Psychologists claim that violent behaviors are mostly inherited which is more polished due to other social factors but is something that can be managed. Inculcating more virtues with a strong home environment for kids is one of them. Similarly not being an addict of drugs and alcoholic substances can help the violent nature to be in control. Rehabilitation centers and other professional and support communities can also reduce the chances of building up violence in a human. Practicing meditation and yoga also helps to rectify the negative approach groping one and the people around them.


There are several things you can do, to begin with, a child or someone who is aggressive in nature. These 5 measures will surely bring some positive impact on one’s life.


Developing the nature of empathy is really essential since a young age. A person who can imagine other’s pain or understand or feel compassion for the people around them is not likely to engage in violent behaviors. Extreme ruthless and detached minds are the ones who can even think of inflicting pain in someone else. The tragedy of extremely cruel deaths, murders or assaults can be done by a person who is into a zone of thought where emotions or relations are never a consideration, and therefore teaching to be empathetic from a young age can prove useful.

Effective intervention programs for prisoners can help build some empathetic behavior in criminals as well. There are several victim impact groups programmed for prisoners in foreign countries that possibly address 80% of successful recidivism.


Lack of attention and affection in the early stage of life from parents stands as one of the major and thoughtful reasons for feeding violent nature in a kid. Most of the kids, whose needs aren’t met resort to violence from a young age to grab attention from their parents and this conditioning worsens the phase of life in the future. Silent treatment or lack of required attention are two of the reasons for adolescents to turn their way of life. Most of the juvenile cases record such reasons to be significant for all the negative and extreme actions by them.


Teach your children the best ways and tricks to calm down when they’re upset. The best way to teach them is through examples. It’s an important part to demonstrate your own problems solving, resilience, and coping strategies before your children. This does not mean being harsh on yourself or acting tough or ignoring your feelings. It simply means demonstrating healthy techniques for better handling of conflicts and emotions in their own life and encouraging kids to do the same.

San Francisco’s Manalive program proved successful in teaching male prisoners techniques to identify or figure out when they get triggered and to hit the pause button timely at those moments of stress. These men are then able to make rational and reasonable decisions. They no longer fed their aggressive emotions with destructive thoughts toward others, which, in turn, stopped them from committing acts of violence because of aggression. Numerous programs like Manalive have helped several rehabilitated men who’ve been violent and uncontrollable by teaching them to communicate and to be in touch with their own emotions by gaining compassion and practicing forgiveness for others and themselves as well.


Teaching your kids the essence of the exercise is much significant for their future actions. Whenever a man or a woman gets aggressive or angry at an extreme level or point, they seek the path to release the tension which has been created. And for a person who has apt knowledge to work out or exercise is sure to lead that anger in such a mode of relief rather than acting it upon an individual. Habituation of exercise is really helpful for people once they grow up. The tension or frustration or aggression can be released through workouts or exercise. Exercise not only burns out calories but also the aggressive tension inside you. And that is the reason you feel fresh after a really wrecking hour of exercise.


Writing your negative and provoking thoughts down to a paper is always beneficial for you to deal with the overwhelming circumstances. Make sure you crumble the paper, tear it into pieces, and throw it in the trash to not only avoid someone from reading.

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