Unique Cultures in India

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Indian Culture is full of unique Traditions, customs and practices. Every perspective of life and nature is not only included in our culture but also celebrated to the fullest. In this culture, every practice is associated with a meaning. Enriching the people with that meaning is the primary work of the practice or custom. India is the land of ‘Unity in Diversity as people from such diverse backgrounds live in this country with brotherhood and unity. Every aspect of life is celebrated in the presence of festivities. So, let us have a look at some of the unique Cultures persistent in the Indian Culture.

Greeting (Namaste)

Namaste or Namaskar is one of the most popular Indian cultures of greeting each other. It requires the person to join both palms before the chest and doesn’t require a direct body contact of the people greeting each other (like the shakehand). Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease in the world, people outside India have also started to use this form of greeting, as the disease is a communicable one. Many top leaders of the world have also been seen to greet each other by doing Namaste.

Namaste is a traditional greeting which has been mentioned in the Hindu scriptures called Vedas. Its literal meaning is ‘I bow to you!’. Its importance as written in the Vedas is that it signifies each other’s egos getting reduced in front of each other.

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Living in India, Festivals are almost absorbed in one’s culture. There’s a festival in India every month, and at times every week. The presence of diverse cultures and religions is the reason for so many festivals being celebrated in India throughout the year. Some of the major festivals celebrated in India are Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Baisakhi, Mahavir Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Navratri etc. You can further read about them in detail in our article named ’10 Popular Festivals in India’. The festivities in every festival are a delight to watch. People dress up in their ethnic and traditional dresses, pray to god, prepare delicious cuisines and visit each other’s homes to celebrate the festival in full swing.

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Indian Food

This is one of the biggest specialties of Indian culture. The wide variety of Indian cuisines is well recognized all over the world. In India, the food changes from region to region. Most of the famous regions are famous because of some popular food. Bihar is known for Baati-Chokha, Bengal is famous for Fish and Rasagulla(a sweet), Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani, non-vegetarian dishes of the Punjabi and Mughlai cuisines are extremely famous, South India is known for its vegetarian dishes. The list of Indian Cuisine is almost endless! The unity in diversity of Indian Culture is evident in the cuisines themselves. People enjoy the food of other regions as well. Love and brotherhood blend in the Indian culture like spices blend in the food!

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Indian Architecture 

Indian Temples and other forms of architecture are absolutely magnificent and are a delight to watch. Some of the single cut structures and wall carvings used in ancient Indian Architecture are also considered to be Engineering Marvels. Another interesting fact is that most of the temples are located along the magnetic lines of the Earth, which attracts positive energy of the cosmos. This is the reason why people feel relaxed while visiting the Indian Temples.

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Indian Dances

Dances in India are very diversified and have lots of varieties. Different regions of the country are known for their folk dances. Some classical dance forms are also based on Indian Mythology. The performer narrates the mythological story through dance, expressions and gestures. ‘Natyashastra’ is a Sanskrit text which mentions 8 classical dances of India, namely Kathakali from Kerela, Mohiniyattam from Kerela, and Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh, Oddisi from Odhisa, Manipuri from Manipur, Sattriya from Assam, Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu and Kathak from Central India. The clothes and makeup worn while performing these dances are also very dynamic and a treat for the eyes to watch. 

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Indian Scriptures

Indian culture is extremely rich in terms of Scriptures and literature. The mythological epics have been written in the form of plays, stories, and poems. Mahabharata and Ramayan are considered to be the greatest epics ever written. The importance of these scriptures is that they carry the knowledge of morals, values and wisdom required to live a peaceful and meaningful life. By reading them, one can understand various aspects of life and its motto. There is a rich heritage of Vedas, Upanishads and Granths in India, which is full of science and social values.

Indian Dresses

Indian traditional dresses are quite famous around the world. Both- Dynamic and Simple dresses are worn in India. Indian ‘Sari’ is very popular among women. In men’s clothing Kurta-Pyjama and Sherwani are famous. Most of Indian traditional dresses don’t only look soothing but also are comfortable to wear.

Other Indian Traditions and Customs

There is a lot that we can learn from the Indian culture and apply to our lives. What the environmental activists are doing for a couple of decades, has been told to perform in Indian culture. The 5 basic elements of nature Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space are all individual gods in the Indian tradition and are worshipped by people. In this culture, even animals are given the status of god and worshipped. This culture preaches us to respect every living thing and preserve it.

The ideology of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is told to people which means the world is one family. ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ which means the guest is god, is a part of the Indian culture. Fasting (Vrat) is a way to express one’s gratitude toward the gods in this culture.

The practice of Yoga is one of the most widely recognized parts of the Indian culture. It includes various Asanas and Pranayams for keeping both the mind and body fit.

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