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Top Politicians of Kanpur

2 years ago

Kanpur has been the centre of Industrialisation in whole Uttar Pradesh. Many industries and factories have grown over time here and continue to exist. Thus, labour laws and rights have been a burning issue in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. Many leaders, who went on to become national leaders, have emerged from labour unions and have been the mayors and members of parliament from Kanpur. Kanpur has also played an important role in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. Leaders like Murali Manohar Joshi and Arif Mohammed Khan didn’t belong to Kanpur, yet served as the MP from Kanpur and proved to be pivotal in the politics and development of Kanpur. So, let us know about the top Politicians belonging to the City of Kanpur.

Sripakash Jaiswal

Aged 75, he is an Indian Politician representing the Indian National Congress. He was a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha from 1999 to 2014 as an INC candidate. He has served as the Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Indian Government in 2004 and as the Minister of Coal from 2011 to 2014.

Top Politicians of Kanpur
Sripakash Jaiswal – Top Politicians of Kanpur | Image Source: Google

Manohar Lal

He is an Indian Politician who was a part of the 6th Lok Sabha from 1977-80 representing Kanpur as a Bharatiya Lok Dal candidate. He also served as the Minister of Labour, Justice and Transport in the Government of Uttar Pradesh during 1970-71 when he was a candidate of Bharatiya Kranti Dal. On the academic front, he has done B.A. and L.L.B. from colleges then affiliated to Agra University.

 Top Politicians of Kanpur
Manohar lal – Top Politicians of Kanpur|Image Source: Google

S.M. Banerjee

He was a former Indian Politician and trade unionist. He represented Kanpur for 20 years in the Lok Sabha. He won the Indian General Elections in 1957, 1962, 1967 and 1971 as an Independent candidate. He was active on the labour unions front and actively participated in several strikes for demands of labours and workers.

Top Politicians of Kanpur
S.M. Banerjee- Top Politicians of Kanpur|Image Source: Google

Jagatvir Singh Drona

Aged 81, he is a retired Captain in the Indian Army. He joined politics in 1990 as a member of BJP. Then, for 2 years he was the district president of Kanpur BJP. He is a 3 time Member of Parliament in the 10th, 11th and 12th Lok Sabha. During his tenure, he has been a member of various committees for consultation to the Government of India. He was also the Honourable Mayor of Kanpur from 2012-17.

Top Politicians of Kanpur
Jagtavir Sing drona – Top Politicians of Kanpur|Image Source: Google

Harihar Nath Shastri

He is a former Indian Politician, who belonged to the Indian National Congress. He was the first member of parliament from Kanpur constituency during 1952-53. He was also the member of legislative assembly, Uttar Pradesh during 1936-39 and 1946-47. He was also the President of All India Trade Union Congress in 1933-35. He was an active labour leader and was the first President of Indian National Railway Workers Federation in 1948.

Subhashini Ali

Aged 72, she is an Indian Politician from the Communist Party of India (Marxist). She was the Member of Parliament from Kanpur during 1989-91. She is currently the president of All India Democratic Women’s Association. She has also been an active trade unionist and was once very influential in the politics of Kanpur.

Top Politicians of Kanpur
Subhashini Ali – Top Politicians of Kanpur|Image Source: Google

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