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Nestled within the alleys and by-lanes of the Victorian city of Kolkata are a number of the foremost quaint cafes that provide food worth trying out. From the quaint to the themed to those known just for its food, the winding lanes of townhouse enclose many secret treasures. Some of the world-famous cafes are located in this city and ranking them is not possible as they all are unique in its sense. Each has its variety and flavor and has a specific charm about itself.

So here are some of the well-known cafés of Kolkata.

1. Mrs Magpies

Entering this space makes one want they need been whisked back in time to an English party. Mrs Magpies brings the correct combination of charm and décor inside it. The furniture may be a mixture of old and new with colourful walls and lots of quaint touches. Space is extremely likely to be crowded with patrons whenever you go. The menu here is varied and has something for each palate. Predominantly selling bakery items, the place has incorporated Indian and Bengali favourites in its list too making it one amongst the favourite cafes in Kolkata.


2. Indian Coffee House

If you prefer your café’s with a side of heritage and culture, this is often the place for you. Located at the heart of the busiest street, the college street it was an everyday place for people like Satyajit Ray, Manna Dey, Amartya Sen, Mrinal Sen and Aparna Sen. Today, the décor and interiors reflect that point. One can call it shabby or drained, but the charm of the past years lingers on. Their rates are still meager, and therefore the local’s love for this place makes it busy.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | Indian Coffee House

3. Flury’s

Another history-filled venue, Flury’s has the old-world charm of an EU tearoom from the nation era.  The décor retains a colonial vibe with furniture and colors that provides it with a vintage appearance. The outlet is best known for its breakfast meals, pastries, cakes, and patties and offers items from many parts of the globe. The menu has not changed over the years, retaining many past favorites, while adding new things ever often. Generous portions, friendly servers, and customers, the charm of old Calcutta combines here with the sheer joy of getting every detail perfect, to from tea and snacks a meal to recollect within the city of joy.


4. The Wise Owl Steakhouse

This could be one that’s more oriented towards the carnivorous readers. The Wise Owl Steakhouse may be a Kolkata’s first that has open-air seating on the rooftop of the street-facing café. The downstairs restaurant boasts a comfy but spacious décor with food from a good kind of cuisines available. The rooftop space complements this with a rather different feel, having been furnished with necessary wooden tables and plank chairs and a wooden floor. The food comes in generous portions, and also the staff is friendly and prompt. This place continues to be making a reputation for itself, and its footfall quite probably sees an exponential rise shortly.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | The wise owl steakhouse

5. Ornaate- The café Store

A quaint and cozy space, this café of Kolkata wins brownie points for both its food and beverage offerings likewise because of the costume jewelry store on the highest floor. Browse ages, and you’re likely to seek out some beautiful and exotic pieces for yourself. Space is little, but the décor gives it a soothing and cute vibe with framed quotes and such decorating the realm. The food is decent as are the portions.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | Ornaate- cafe store

6. Cafe story by Chai break

It is the proper space for hungry bookworms, with vibrant, comfortable décor, an array of shelves packed with books you’ll be able to choose from and even board games, if you would like, gives reading a break. Located inside the Story bookstore, it surpasses Chai Break.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | Cafe Story by Chai Break

7. Hit- Wicket

If you are looking for space where you and your friends can watch television as well as enjoy a good evening, this is the place. It isn’t very large but has a lot of televisions with sports, mainly cricket being watched there. This space sees an additional crowding of patrons on match days. apart from the sports attractions, this place also serves tasty food in an exceeding form of cuisines including Italian, Chinese and Lebanese.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | Hit- wicket

8. 8th-day Café

If you are fond of the American Style of coffee and their type of café this is the perfect place for you. They roast their coffee beans and have all styles of classic American shakes and victuals items. The décor is easy, spaced out, and even includes a wall space dedicated to local artwork, paintings, and sketches that may be purchased.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | 8th- Day cafe

9. Mitra Café

One of the oldest café in west Bengal, this place signifies the authenticity of Bengal. Not a typical café but one of its kind. This place is famous for its non-vegetarian Bengali cuisine and is a fan-favorite among the locals. There are several branches of this in Kolkata and a visit here is a must if you are a non-veg foodie.


10. Artsy Coffee & Culture

Artsy Coffee & Culture is taken into account to be one among the foremost picturesque cafes in town with a picture-perfect combination of art and culture, and delectable food. The walls are a reasonable combination of blue and yellow, and together with wooden furniture and rustic bookshelves, the cafe lets out an ideal cozy vibe to relax and spend an hour or two. The paintings on display are out purchasable and you’ll be able to purchase them to flaunt them in your own house. But, except for everything else, the cafe is generally popular for its freshly brewed coffees that are too delicious to resist. Aside from that, you’ll witness open- mic poetry, stand- up comedy, workshops, and more. The menu is principally inspired by Thai, Vietnamese and Asian cuisines.

CAFÉS IN KOLKATA | Artsy Coffee and Culture

11. Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi could be a literal translation of ‘finding beauty in imperfection’ that’s derived from a Japanese phrase. The beauteous cafe was the brainchild of 4 friends who wanted to open a restaurant with ‘natural and native flavors’. Besides the cafe is thought for its super healthy menu that also caters to its vegan customers. To feature thereto, they even have gluten-free recipes. Additionally thereto amazing food, the gorgeous decor adds to the general popularity of the cafe.


12. Paris Café

Paris Cafe is taken into account to be one amongst the foremost popular cafes in Kolkata, mostly famous for its decor, ambiance, and its quintessential French foods especially salads and its assortment of desserts. Apart from the cutesy Parisian patisserie, the brilliant French decor is that the other highlight of the place. The interiors are tastefully wrapped in pastel colors and there’s dainty furniture to feature to the atmosphere. These desserts are, however, still, the USP of the cafe that is personally designed and curated by Chef Sneha Singh who is additionally the entrepreneur of the place.


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