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Tomorrow when everything will get online, the need for Digital Marketing professionals will increase” says Er. Manmohan Singla

1 year ago

A man who had a dream of making his city digital is fulfilling it in the true sense. Er. Manmohan Singla is a digital marketing professional, trainer, coach, and marketing guru who hails from a small city Hisar, Haryana, is spreading digital knowledge through his Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing. On our Talk @ jugaadinnews entrepreneurial forum, we’ve asked some questions from him regarding his entrepreneurial journey and struggles. Let’s see what all he has to say.

Q: First of all, tell us a little about your background and How you got into the digital industry?

Hi, I’m Manmohan Singla, CEO of Jugaadin Digital Services Pvt. Ltd and Director of Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing, a leading Digital Marketing training institute.  Back in 2012, I along with my friends founded with an aim to provide a solution to every problem. represented – “Jugaad Yourself” under which we formed teams in our college and in others too.  Technically, we were into digital marketing and non-technically organized events. With 1000 + small and big event exposure and doing digital marketing of those events, I gradually entered the digital industry.  I made as Jugaadin Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

About my educational background, I’ve done B. Tech in Computer Science from Amity University, M.Tech (CSE) from Guru Jambheshwar University, MBA from NMIMS. I have been MSP- Microsoft student partner, and Club Lead – Firefox club. The passion for being an entrepreneur was in me since my school days, that’s why I didn’t opt for the placement options in the university.

Q: Where did the idea for HiDM come from?

I always wanted to grow my home town Hisar like any other metro city, that’s why I rejected the placement offers at university and started making Hisar digital with the launching of the Digital Hisar Directory firstly. Digital Hisar is a portal that offers free business listing and promotion on social media having 27k active members.

Digital Hisar was in progress and providing digital marketing services to 100+ clients but my vision was to grow Hisar technically was still in vain. I always believe, unless and until the youth power will not become technocrat, no city or village can grow.  

I always say “Tomorrow when everything will get online, the need for Digital Marketing professionals will increase”.

 With this thought in mind I established Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing in the year 2018 where young minds are getting trained about Digital Marketing. My dedication showed its results as HIDM received Best Digital Marketing Institute award by Education Council of India in January 2020.

Q: What kind of promotion activities you use for your clients?

There are so many activities that can be used for client promotion but I prefer to mix traditional marketing with digital marketing. I mix traditional efforts like ground events with online promotion.  Nowadays, people are using online platform but if we see marketing tactics and strategy, they are same, it’s just the medium that is different. So I work according to my client’s need, first lay emphasis on what they want and then add my experience and skills into client promotion so that they get leads with branding.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and students to learn Digital Marketing today?

In this world of the Internet, almost everything is available on the Internet from a toy car to a real car we can buy anything that we want.

If we talk about digital marketing, Digital marketing is a process in which the promotion is done on the internet by opting for digital marketing techniques like SEO, SMO, Blogging, Content Marketing, etc.  Entrepreneurs are now promoting their business by using these techniques in order to reach a larger audience in less time. Digital marketing is cost-effective and can give a better ROI as compared to traditional marketing.

For youth, who have completed 12th and don’t know what to do can learn something new, it will help as helping hand for their career. For graduated students and marketing professionals, the digital marketing course will work like Plan B for them. Marketing professionals can get good salary package as compare to peers if he knows digital marketing.

Q: What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing Industry?

Digital Marketing is an emerging trend. Everyday many newbies are making entry into the Digital Marketing Industry. But before entering they should follow some advice:

1. Digital Marketing Industry changes every other day. Its techniques never go in the same flow for long. Thus a person has to be a good adaptor and learner who can learn things quickly and act according to them. He/she should be updated on new technological trends.

2. Digital Marketing is all about doing marketing efforts that take you to your customers or target audience. A digital marketer should be aware of what the competitors are doing and how they are advertising. Being a proactive digital marketer is a must for newbies.   

3. No one can be specialized in every sector, thus, they should do mastery in one area of Digital Marketing of their interest like they can have good analytics skills or a social media influencer or an SEO expert.

Q: What’s your favorite social network platform: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter?

Personally, no such platform is my favorite one. Every platform has a different kind of audience and engagement rate that is necessary for different kinds of clients. According to client wants, needs, and brand awareness, different digital platforms are used. I must say that platforms can be created by making some projects that can relate to your sales funnel.

Q: What do you say is your greatest achievement in your online journey?

Awards and achievements motivated you and I must say in this tough competition, they help you to keep on moving on the path.  My list of achievements goes as follows:

1. My first achievement in the online journey started when I got Best Social Media Expert Award by Raah Group NGO in the year 2013.

2. Excellence Award 2018 as Best Digital Marketing Professional given by Vipul Goyal (Industrial and Environmental Minister).

 3. Best of the Best Award 2018 by Sanjhi Soch (National Magazine ) presented by  Captain Abhimanyu Excellence Award 2019.

4. Bhishma Award 2019 by Chandigarh University, Jhanjheri as Best Digital Marketing professional Trainer.

5. Premier Achiever Award 2020 by Women Dedication Magazine

Q: Who is your role model?

A: For me, every person whom I met in my day to day life is my role model. As everyone has something unique worth learning, it just depends on you how you take it. Elderly people surely have more experience than me and younger ones have aspirations, dreams, and aims that may be I never think of. I consider every Individual as a storehouse of ideas and that’s why I don’t have anyone Ideal or role model.

Q: What do you think of how a social media expert or a digipreneur can do social work? Do they get time for this?

 What a wonderful question you have asked. A Digipreneur or a social media expert might don’t get time to do social work physically but they can do it digitally as I do. I have always been connected to many NGOs on the state and national level for the last many years and I do my part of social work by promoting these NGOs without any penny. My motive behind doing free promotion for NGOs is that by increasing their visibility, I want to connect more people for society’s development. 

For this gesture of mine, I have also been awarded 2 times with a Social achievement award by Mission Green foundation and Lok Nirman welfare society. 

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