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“Being an Entrepreneur is not a straight line journey,” believes Sumeet Pareek, Director Loan In Touch

3 years ago

Possessing our own home is everyone’s dream but buying a home requires large capital and good planning. With Home loan schemes available in the market, you can build your dream home. What if you get a loan program that meets your all financial needs and helps you in getting your home loan approved in just 72 hours? Exciting Na?

Yes, there is an enterprise Loan In Touch that helps people in getting their dream home at an affordable home loan rate. Loan In Touch is the vision of a young Entrepreneur Mr. Sumeet Pareek of Pune who is active in this business for the past 6 years and helped many families in getting their dream accomplished.

On our Talk @ jugaadinnews entrepreneurial forum, we’ve asked some questions from Sumeet Pareek, Director, Loan In Touch regarding his entrepreneurial journey, how he came with the idea of Loan In Touch, and his success mantra. So Let’s see what all he has to say.

1. How did you get your idea or concept for the Loan In Touch?

Sumeet Pareek: When I started as a home loan counselor (DSA ) in the initial days, I found that process of getting a home loan is very mechanical and time-consuming. I felt there’s a need to have a deeper connection in terms of service between customers and banks, which was missing. While I was bridging the gap between the two, the idea of the loan in touch was born. At Loan In Touch, we essentially believe in providing efficient service along with building long-term relationships with customers.

2. What is unique about your business Loan In Touch?

Sumeet Pareek: I don’t know should I call it unique or not, but I feel our approach toward the Home Loan process and delivery is outstanding. Our core focus is on sourcing the data and personally processing the home loan formalities for building the dream home of the owner. This process gives us an edge because we personally get in touch with clients. This helps us immensely in building sustainable and customized relationships with better clientele satisfaction.

3. How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

 Sumeet Pareek: I believe not one size fits all, that’s why at Loan In Touch, we use every possible route of marketing, whether it’s the digital or traditional way of doing it. One thing that I have learned during my journey that word of mouth works best for us, a cheap and sustainable method of marketing, but I also feel this mostly proportionate to our clientele satisfaction.

4. What risks and sacrifices does Loan In Touch demand from you?

Sumeet Pareek: On a lighter note,  I can write an essay about risks and sacrifices but seriously I feel being patient really helps in bifurcating between risk and reward. Also, I believe if you are convinced about your work and product, which in my case is my passion, so I give everything into it.  One way to look at it is, either everything is sacrifice or everything is a reward but in general, we reduce our family life, personal time,  and friends considerably while working as an entrepreneur.

Sumeet Pareek | Loan in Touch |
Sumeet Pareek, Director Loan In Touch is getting Rewarded for his exemplary work

5. How do you define success?

Sumeet Pareek: Our ability to do things at our will is our true success, I believe, but yes good figures, awards, and recognition definitely are the motivating factors.

6. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

 Sumeet Pareek: I m too young to answer this, honestly, but whatever I have observed over a period of time is that being an entrepreneur is not a straight line journey, it’s a series of nonlinear way. But being passionate, focused, and honest to oneself is very commonly found among every entrepreneur and essential to be an entrepreneur.

7. What is your favorite aspect of being an Entrepreneur?

Sumeet PareekI feel that the sheer ability to convert my passion into a profession and meeting people from different walks of life, channelizing them, and satisfying them, is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Sumeet Pareek | Loan in Touch |
Sumeet Pareek , Director Loan In Touch, felicitated at a ceremony

8. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Sumeet Pareek: The only piece of advice I want to give every budding entrepreneur is that “Just be Patient Enough and trust your abilities”.

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Seema Jain

2 thoughts on ““Being an Entrepreneur is not a straight line journey,” believes Sumeet Pareek, Director Loan In Touch”

  1. Absolutely right, Mr. Pareek sir a entrepreneur journey is not a straight line journey as you say their are may hurdles and obstacles in a entrepreneur journey. But one should he focus on his last station of journey it will become very easy to achieve.

    From my side
    5 steps that begin your entrepreneur journey
    1. Commitment
    2. Be Honest with your self
    3. Find a Mentor
    4. Have the Right Mindset
    5. Start Thinking
    These are the some Basic points that every entrepreneur should follow.

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